How to Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty with Digital Marketing

Do you know that retaining customers is a lot cheaper than earning new ones? This is proven true by many studies. This article will talk to you about applicable customer retention drives that SEO companies apply, which can help your business save money and effort. Businesses should maintain increasing customer retention and customer loyalty with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Secrets for Customer Retention

Analytics and Data Gathering

Studying your market is the best knowledge a business could hold. You need … Read More

Top 4 Difference Between Public Relations and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals see public relations and digital marketing as two sides of the coin – that they need to choose one or the other at each point in time. PR and digital marketing should work together to achieve the results you are aiming for. In this article, we will talk about the similarities and differences between public relations and digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing and Public Relation?

Definition of Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing is promoting or advertising.… Read More

What is Online Market Research and Why is it Important for Marketing?

An essential part of market research is studying your competitors. If a person wants to get into a business, it is only right for them to know who they are competing against, how much they cost, and a lot more.

This article will help define the value of online market research for the very purpose of effective marketing. With the help of Google Ad account, you can see how much competition there is for your selection of keywords.

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5 Professional Steps to Know Your Marketing Competition

Digital Marketing Strategy had made a significant impact on how businesses do their own advertising. In the early years, it is almost impossible to know your competition market strategy.

Usually, this information will come from an insider. Now is an entirely different story. Businesses can use various tools to learn everything that they need to know about their competition.

This information is no longer considered as classified. It is no longer challenging to get these pieces of information. It will … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Digital Marketing in 2021

Do You want to know the 7 reasons why you must invest in digital marketing in 2021? Well, let us first understand the concept of marketing in promoting businesses.

Marketing existed long before time. It evolved and is continually changing, following the trend of society. Businesses invest in different forms of marketing because they know that they need to keep growing. During the pandemic, a lot of companies struggle to stay afloat. The question is, is this the best time … Read More

Basic Abc’s of Digital Marketing a Complete Guide for 2021

Do you still remember the feeling when we were all in primary school, and our teacher will require us to bring a dictionary? They hope to actually have us be familiar with difficult words that we can use in our everyday lives.

Digital marketing can be challenging for some. Today, we are writing a compilation of words and their basic definition to help those who are new with digital marketing guide.

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How to Add Your Business to Google Maps in Sydney 2021 (5 Easy Steps)

Do you ever wonder how the other companies manage to have their business show up in Google Maps?

How does Google choose these companies? Is there an unquestionable requirement that a business has to meet to be part of this?

As a business owner, we always want to land in a very favourable position where potential leads can see you.

Being visible is one thing but being inside the circle is also another thing.

Let us talk about the tricks … Read More

What Are the Things You Need to Do When Your Business Does Not Have Customers?

The Corona Virus had taken a toll on the global economy. Almost every small business, regardless of which industry, was taken aback by its horrifying effects. We want to congratulate you if you are one of the business owners out there who managed to be afloat during this season. You are surviving the dreadful aftermath of this global pandemic.

Strategically, you may want to take advantage of this stage, where people are not physically present in your establishment. You should … Read More

Google’s Core Web Vitals: New Ranking Factors in 2021

For those of us who have been working in the SEO field, this is the season again. Google will then again, roll out changes when it comes to ranking. Google had announced three new metrics or core web vitals, these said changes are focused on user experience on the website.

Google’s core web vitals as ranking factors in 2021 will influence the overall ranking of a particular website. Join us as we discuss what are these and let us all … Read More

Top 10 Effective Positive Word of Mouth Generating Strategies in Digital Marketing

In this article, I am sharing with you the top 10 most effective strategies to generate positive word of mouth through digital marketing in 2020.

You will also learn about the top-class word of mouth advertising tips for service-based businesses and technique to get more share via word of mouth marketing for your blog post.

Getting a referral is a game-changer for almost every business. It is like hitting a sure win from the lottery. It takes a lot of … Read More