10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Advertising Campaign

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Are you planning to add a digital advertising campaign to your marketing strategy? Well, given that online advertising today is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques, I would say you’re on the right track.

But, as much as digital advertising is important for your online/offline business, it’s more important to implement your digital advertisements correctly in order to achieve the desired results.

If you’re looking to grow your online business sales or want better search engine results in no time, there is no better option than paid advertising. But, in order to get the most out of your advertising budget, it’s important to carefully craft a digital advertising strategy with the help of industry experts and then implement it correctly with effective performance tracking.

What is Digital Advertising and Why is it Important?

Digital Advertising refers to the act of using digital media such as the internet, social media, Google, websites, etc. to deliver promotional content (advertisements) related to a particular business or service.

In simple words, digital advertising involves showing product/service ads to potential customers on social media, search engines, websites, etc. in a bid to make them click an ad and ultimately purchase the service or product.

If done correctly, advertising can produce much better results much faster than any other online marketing strategy. It helps put your product/service right in front of a target customer. Of course, the success of a digital advertising campaign largely depends on how powerful or convincing the underlying message is. Users will only click the ads that they like and can personally relate to.

Digital advertisements give your business, products and/or services more exposure online and the ability to reach a wider audience, consisting of millions of potential customers. But again, the outcome of your advertising campaign will greatly depend on how powerful your ads are.

Here’s why it’s important that your digital ads are strategically crafted.

An average internet user sees hundreds of ads on a daily basis, on email, social media, Google, etc. Why would he click a particular ad unless it’s personalised for that user only?

In order to get the desired outcome, it’s crucial that your ads are well researched and designed with the end-user in mind. What does a user expect from your brand? What does he want to see? Is he looking for an offer? Does he want a personalised deal? Try to get into the mind of your target customer and then design an ad accordingly.

It’s also important to present an ad to the right user at the right time through the right media/channel in order for it to create the maximum impact.

To help you get the most out of your digital advertising campaigns, here we present a list of some of the well-researched tips to improve your advertising performance.

1. Know Your Audience

Even though it’s said times and again, not many marketers actually spend a lot of time trying to understand who their target audience is.

In order to find out the best way to market to your audience, you must first know who your target customers are. Try and find answers to these questions.

  • Who your product/service is for?
  • Which locations/areas do you serve?
  • Which devices (mobile/desktop/tablet) your customers are using?
  • Which social channels are the most used by your audience?

Once you have a clear idea of who and where your potential buyers are, you can better prepare your advertising and other marketing campaigns to meet their expectations.

2. Visually Appealing

Even though the message is the most important part of your online ad, it’s equally vital to use unique and high-quality visual elements, preferably brand-focused logos, designs, font and colour scheme, to not just make your ad campaigns look attractive but also make your brand stand out from the competition.

Having a visually creative ad design will not just catch the eye of the visitor/user but also draw their attention towards your unique message and help them remember the brand. Besides being creative, the design should be relevant and high in quality. And if possible, avoid repeating the same design in two or more ads.

3. Analyse ROI

Before you allocate a budget for a specific marketing campaign such as digital advertising, make sure you understand how much return that particular campaign can give to your business. Not all marketing tactics that work for one company will necessarily work for another.

Depending on your specific business and industry, it’s crucial to research and identify the best marketing strategies based on their ROI capabilities and assign the budget accordingly.

Also, when you’re working out a plan for your digital advertising campaign, it’s also imperative to prioritise the channels that can produce the most ROI for your specific industry/business. As experts say, not all marketing channels can offer the same value for every business.

4. Research-based Ideas

They say the best way to understand your customer is to get into their shoes. So, by getting into the shoes of your target customers, or thinking like your customer, you can brainstorm great ideas for what may work and what may not with your audience.

And once you have some genuinely good ideas, do your research to find out if those ideas actually work. Sometimes, it’s possible that your audience is looking for something else or may not resonate with your ideas, so it’s important to test your ideas through in-depth research of the market and competitors.

And once you have proper research-backed data in hand, make changes in your marketing plan or create one from scratch, as and if required.

5. Explore the Sales Funnel

Sales funnel involves the various steps a user has to take in order to buy a product/service from you. Make sure that you understand the sales funnel and have an ad for each step of the funnel.

A buyer can leave your website at any time during the buying process. Maybe they are not convinced by the product or maybe they were looking for an offer. So, you should be ready to present them with a personalised ad at each of the funnel stages, convincing them why they should proceed ahead and eventually buy from you.

6. Social Media ROI Tracking

If you are using paid advertisements on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, make sure to gather and analyse the performance data to see which channels/campaigns are driving the most results, in terms of engagements, leads and sales.

When you are marketing on social media using paid ads, you are reaching different types of people with different preferences. The performance data will help you understand which type of people brings the most engagement or sales to your business.

7. Facebook Ads

Out of all the online advertising channels, Facebook is said to be the most beneficial for small & mid-size businesses. Facebook being the leading social media platform hosts billions of active users, which you can leverage to find and promote to your target audience through Facebook Ads.

Facebook’s advertising service allows businesses to promote their products, services, offers, etc. to a very specific target audience filtered by location, age group, interests, and more in order to reach the most people at the least cost.

8. Leverage Multiple Marketing Channels

It’s possible that not all your target customers use Facebook, but they are very likely to use one or two of the popular social media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

To reach most of your target audience, you need to leverage all these marketing channels with consistent and high-quality advertising. When promoting across multiple channels, make sure that your messages are consistent. In fact, if you are using other digital marketing strategies, try to keep your messages consistent across all the channels.

9. Geo-fencing in Advertising

Geo-fencing is a relatively new feature that lets marketers identify and promote to their target audience/customers based on their location.

So, when used in digital advertising, geo-fencing lets you send a personalised advertisement or notification to a person on his mobile phone whenever they enter a particular area that has been tagged by you. For instance, when your target customer visits your competitor’s store, you can automatically send them a message/alert with a specific offer on buying from your site.

10. Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are specific ads designed to promote a particular product. These ads should be well-designed and optimised to answer the query of a potential user.

With a PLA, your aim is to convince a potential user to buy your product. That’s only possible when your ad is very well able to answer the user’s question. Make sure that the user doesn’t have to go anywhere else in order to research the product.

So, take time to optimise your product listing ads to make them more user-centric.

The success of a Digital Advertising campaign will greatly depend on how well the right message is presented to the right customer at the right time. Prepare a digital marketing strategy after considering all the aspects and tips, as mentioned above.

I hope these 10 tips help you get the desired results from your digital advertising campaigns and increase return on your marketing investment.

If you need more help with creating a result-focused digital advertising strategy for your business or want to hire a full-time digital marketing agency, get in touch with us now.

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