What Are the Things You Need to Do When Your Business Does Not Have Customers?

The Corona Virus had taken a toll on the global economy. Almost every small business, regardless of which industry, was taken aback by its horrifying effects. We want to congratulate you if you are one of the business owners out there who managed to be afloat during this season. You are surviving the dreadful aftermath of this global pandemic.

Strategically, you may want to take advantage of this stage, where people are not physically present in your establishment. You should have used the lockdown period to reflect and reassess how you can come out of this situation successfully.

This article about things you need to do when your business does not have customers will share helpful suggestions on what to do best during this lean time, where people and businesses have less interaction with people. Indeed, you may not be producing sales like how you used to before the pandemic as without customers there is no business, but this season will help you develop and grow if you know how to look at it on the positive side. 

Optimization is not part of everyone’s goal before the pandemic. The business owner may not have time to review the current process and sit down to think about what is working and what needs to be improved as far as their business process is concerned.

These factors are often taken for granted because you are getting the numbers and somehow, sales are still coming in. But, haven’t you thought about the possibility of getting more if you should have known the right way of doing it?

We want you to take this moment to reflect and analyze how your business was doing before the pandemic. Are there areas that can be improved when it comes to your process? What do you think are your challenges? Do you have the right team to help you achieve your goals?

The pandemic can pull our spirit low because of the drastic effect that it did with the economy. We do not want you to allow this negativity to sink in and we want to encourage you to keep pushing for more.

As a small business owner, you need to focus on what you can control to plan your future effectively. 

What Are the Things Every Small Business Need to Do During Downtime?

#1 Social Media Interaction

Since most people are now home and scanning through Social Media to kill time, this will be the best moment for you to connect with your customers.

Interacting with your customers and leads on a more personal level will surely get you somewhere. You may not be able to create sales during this time because people are mostly stressed out too, but, by connecting with them, you are ensuring that their loyalty will only be to you and no one else.

When everything is back to normal, it is a sure landslide that these people will buy from you. You can also use social media platforms to entertain your customers and offer useful information that they can benefit from during this time of the pandemic. 

#2 Review Existing Process of Your Business

Businesses that offer e-commerce have their own set of processes in place. The success and failure of a process strongly depend on how you monitor your numbers.

Only then will you realize where you need to exert more effort to become more effective and productive. You also need to consider the user’s experience when you are reviewing your process. Your main goal should be: make it easy and seamless for your customers and potential customers. 

#3 Create Graphics

Most people find graphics entertaining and easy to understand. This is the best time for you to ponder on creating graphics that can be seen on your website or in your social media account.

You should come up with compelling logos and pictures that will represent your brand.  

#4 Work on Your Content Ideas

Content creation can be a tedious task for some, but the life of your online presence strongly depends on your content. Since this is a lean time for everyone, you and your team have plenty of time to spare in working out which content will drive more traffic to your website.

You can also look at your competitor’s website and see how far they are with content creation. Looking at high ranking sites is ideal too. Try to compare their approach and determine how it is different to yours or you can also hire professional content writing services as well for better quality content.

#5 Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is something that needs to be done regularly. This is the best time to do your audit and look for any areas that need improvement in your website. So it is highly recommended to invest in cost-effective website maintenance services.

Effective website maintenance translates to faster loading time, high customer satisfaction rate, and high conversion rate. A regular audit can help you find redundancies, find broken links or pages, and remove waste. 

#6 Review and Restructure your Business Marketing Campaign

Today is the best time for you to look closer at your existing marketing campaign and identify which part is working and which part you need to improve on.

The marketing campaign is essential to culturing new leads and making them converted. Analyze if you are sending the proper email templates at the right time.

Is the campaign still appropriate at this present time? Is it catchy? Will it draw curiosity from your potential leads? If your leads are not ready to buy now, will they remember you? These are just a few of the questions that need answers when mapping out your marketing campaign. 

#7 Time to Test New Software

The worldwide web offers endless choices of great apps and software for all of your marketing needs. Most of the apps and software come with free trial online, but who has the time to test each of them to see which ones work.

You can use these wasted hours to look for an app or software that will increase your staff’s productivity, improve your customer’s experience rate, double your conversion numbers, and increase your overall efficiency. 

If you are still unsure of what to do or where to begin, you may get professional help from SEO marketers. They are the king in this arena, and they can surely help you with all of your marketing needs.

Now, I want to take this moment to ask you how did you review the overall health of your business during the pandemic? Please share with us the business ideas and approach that you take to stay afloat. Many small business owners out there are eager to hear your tips and suggestions too. 

By Patric Laurens

Patric at Proven Digital Marketing offers smart, fast and affordable digital marketing services that drive traffic, sales and growth for our clients.

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