Google’s Core Web Vitals: New Ranking Factors in 2021

For those of us who have been working in the SEO field, this is the season again. Google will then again, roll out changes when it comes to ranking. Google had announced three new metrics or core web vitals, these said changes are focused on user experience on the website.

Google’s core web vitals as ranking factors in 2021 will influence the overall ranking of a particular website. Join us as we discuss what are these and let us all be prepared for what is ahead of us.

Core Web Vitals: The Next Google Ranking Factor for 2021

The three metrics are known collectively as Google’s core web vitals. These new Google ranking factors are scheduled to be incorporated into the search algorithm in 2021. Also, these ranking factors would play a crucial role to get your website on the first page of google especially after 2021.

This long period of notice gives us the heads up that this is important news for your website and for some websites. It may require a minor overhaul. For other websites, it may require a significant overhaul, or it may mean a new website.

Google’s focus on core web vitals which represents a clear focus on user experience. Google’s intentions for the web are clear. It needs to be super fast, with high regard for security, and super mobile-friendly.

In 2018, Google had started the messaging around improving the user experience and encouraged websites to make their content more complete and mobile-friendly. However, Google’s core web vital signals offer dramatically increased insights to all websites owners detailing the specific boxes they need to tick to maximize their ranking potential.

The three core metrics are:

  • Interactivity – considers the responsiveness of the pages to interaction while loading like clicking on a form or selecting from a drop-down menu.
  • Loading – assesses how quickly the largest visible item on the screen takes to load fully. Google likes under 2.5 seconds, but over 4 seconds may drop your ranking.
  • Visual Stability – measures what happens on your phone when you open a website and the movement of the elements as the page loads. This can lead to users clicking on the wrong thing.

Google will use them to determine your core web vitals report, which is how it ranks your site.

The core web vital score is not enough to push you above your competitors if your content is lacking. Remember that your content is essential. Also remember that these new ranking factors will couple with other page experience measures such as mobile-friendliness, whether you have annoying pop-ups and overall security and safety to assess the overall page experience.

Now that we know this, we have time to work with experts to focus on these metrics for our websites and make the necessary adjustments.

Core Web Vitals Update Will Determine Your SEO Ranking

Content creators are getting ahead of these things are the ones who are ultimately going to succeed. Over the last twenty years, Google has changed and upgraded their algorithms to rate SEO so many of hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Core web vitals update aims to measure the user experience of your website. This will change the way of how rankings are done. The load time, the load integrity, how the load speed is calculated, and the perceived load time of a website are the composition of these new google update.

Websites will experience massive amounts of decrease in their visibility because they do not fit in some of the requirements. While other smaller creators are focused on some of the core vitals like mobile optimization and value of content are going to see an increase in their SEO.

Google will break it down in a very scientific way. Now, if you are a business owner, and you want to know what are the details of these new core web vitals, Google has a website that documents precisely what the web vitals mean. Now, be warned as a lot of jargon is on that website.

It is very technical. Each website is currently getting a vital rating of either good, needs improvement, or poor. That determines how your site is going to be evaluated.

There are some key things that any content creator needs to focus on when it comes to SEO and blog writing. The first thing is that every website should have Google Analytics on it.

Google Analytics is the portal into Google’s brain. The metrics that were fueling to Google are also metrics that showed that our content is relevant.

Things like bounce rate, average time on site, real and authentic links that show that the quality of our content is valuable. Is there a video on the page? Is the website mobile optimized? Can people look at this website on different devices? Are they ditching the website because it does not load properly?

Everything looks different when it is filtered. That is what Google is doing. They are switching the filter on your search results. Of course, Google has been known to do this all the time. They are very public about the fact that they changed their algorithm.

Now, Google is going in-depth and focusing on load time speeds, how is the user experiencing the website? Does it feel fast? Does it feel functional immediately right after the page loads? These are things that Google is tracking now. They are tracking it in a new way.

Do they want to share this content? Are they having a good experience? Where is this going to be relevant? It is any website that has any types of content. It can be your homepage, website, and blogs which can be very powerful in the lead generation system. This is going to affect so many aspects of your business.

If your website is lucky enough to achieve these benchmarks, then Google will add a fast website label in search results. The most important thing is to make sure your website is quick, and the perceived load time is rapid that the user feels like the website is snappy and immediately is able to be usable. Those are the key metrics that Google is tracking now in a very complicated way.

It is going to be released in 2021. We have to check our websites. Check your websites too, and see how it holds up on the google core web vitals update. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the overall SEO, please put them in the comments below.

By Patric Laurens

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