Importance of Data-Driven Content Marketing in 2020

It is around that time of the year when we map all our marketing plan for the upcoming year. We want you to be totally covered on content marketing strategy. In this article, we will share with you all the helpful tips that you need to know about the data-driven content marketing strategies and how to turn data into a content marketing campaign to survive the next year!

How Do I Create a Data-Driven Content Marketing Campaign?

One essential factor of creating your content marketing plan is to understand that you need to create content that will help you reach the goals for your company. It is essential that you already have promotional plans in place because this will help you know when you are going to promote a particular product or service. What are those critical dates of the year where you are required to launch new programs or product line? By knowing these factors, your content will help you get more exposure for your paid programs or paid services.

It is one of the biggest mistakes that I see online that entrepreneurs make is that they are just pumping out contents for the sake of having new contents. These contents do not have strategies, and it does not serve the purpose of how they position their content. You can use part of your content to pre-sell your products, services, and programs without being overly annoying. The useful content marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience. Now, let us dive into the whole process of getting in how are you able to use data-driven content marketing.

The Process of Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

Outline Your Goals

This part is essential. You need to understand that planning is very crucial. Ask yourself if you can brush through the fundamentals and a lot of times, we fall into this familiarity syndrome that we do not take much time in mapping out goals. We understand how vital data content marketing is, but we do not follow through. We do not outline these goals, and consistency never happened.

This is a trap that many business owners fall into. It would help if you were not on this boat. You need to outline your goals and be very strategic about it. It would help if you revisited them throughout the year. Always get started with a strong plan. This is the first step to a successful marketing campaign.

Describe Your Ideal Client

Your blog posts should serve your marketing efforts. Content creation should be targeted to your specific niche. Successful content will make sure that you are putting your company on top and you are making sure that your customers know you. Google analytics play a vital part. Social media platforms are also helpful in determining what kind of customers are after you.

Digital marketing can look at your ideal client’s age, gender, preference, demographics, and other helpful details that you can use in creating an effective content strategy for your target audience. We need to know our ideal client for us to create actionable content. Buyer personas and popular content is the perfect combination. Your customers should always wait for your new content and blog post.

Plan Your Content Types and the Frequency of When You Are Publishing the Blog Post

What types of blog content do you plan to publish? Apart from the blog posts, you can also post podcast or videos that will showcase your products and services. Are you creating content to get a specific amount of traffic? It would help if you had your content format outlined. After that, you will need to set a specific frequency on how often do you need to revise your content formats.

Digital marketing companies use different tools, like Google Analytics, to determine your target market also, Content creation companies plays a vital role in creating successful & creative content for your business at a regular interval of time which attracts your customer towards your product/services.

Set a Strategic KPI

It will help if you strategize on how you will measure your progress. As a business owner, you need to track how many customers and potential clients are clicking on your social media account. How many are reading my blog post? How much traffic are you getting from your blog posts? All of these key performance indicators will allow us to track our advancement. This will help us get in the right direction.

Brainstorm About Your Content Marketing Strategy

You need to start with strong initial ideas on what you will write about the next time. This will help a lot so that you do not have to end up with the content on the fly. You can also include your content promotion plan to invite more target audience. This will allow you to get more exposure, traffic, and engagements. This will help your business with content marketing.

How Do You Write Data-Driven Content?

Content marketing is about relevant and valuable content. Why is social media an essential additional instrument for content marketing? We need to start understanding that relevance and value from our audience’s perspective. That is where social media provides us with data which we did not have a couple of years ago when we mostly relied on surveys.

If people feel surveyed, they do not tell you all their opinions, problems, questions, and needs. With the emergence of social media, this challenge was eliminated out of the picture. You can easily see the personality of your target audience on their social media content. Social media tells you a lot of information which will help us create a more decisive content marketing strategy.

The first step in writing data-driven content is to monitor and to really know what to talk about. From there, you can identify what the strategic and operational measures for content marketing are. We need to collate data and have a set up with what tools to use. Tools will help us monitor the ROI’s.

Secondly, it is essential to realize that more data does not necessarily mean that we understand more. Data without interpretation will only tell us what is happening, but it will not answer the question of why it is happening. The interpretation part is crucial. This is the part where we learn how to use the data effectively. In turn, this will guide us to come up with better decisions about what type of posts to publish.

Data-driven marketing is taking the data to make those decisions about your posts which can answer questions that your potential clients may ask. Almost every question can be answered with data from the social web.

Tools crawl the internet through different networks and platforms and look for specific keywords which an audience may use. It can also analyze detailed profiles in social media and match it with your blog. Tools will help you make your first step, but your data interpretation should be the strongest.

You need to target an audience when you publish posts specifically. Conventionally understanding our target market is a wrong approach in creating an effective campaign and content marketing strategy. We should not have assumptions before we consult the data. The data will show us and introduce us to our target audience.
There are data that we do not expect before, and you will be surprised to see it the first time. Data will also show overlapping interests, needs, and questions of our target audience. This will not show in a manner of a conventional approach.

Generally, data makes us more effective and more efficient when it comes to meeting our goals or ROI. Our only target is to generate more sales and get the highest ranking in Google search through our social media content. You will find these practices being observed by multinational companies. What is important is not about the budget – it is data analysis. You can make a successful campaign, whether you are global, local, or national.

It is the attitude when it comes to content and data. Every company, no matter in which industry you are, you should start thinking like a media company because all the tools are already made available.

We believe that data-driven content marketing in 2020 can make a huge positive impact on your business. Do you agree with us? Please share what you think about our insights about data-driven marketing strategy. See you next time.

By Patric Laurens

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