Blog Promotion Strategies to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Content

We all know by now that blogging is an essential component of your website. Most of us who work in the SEO industry understand that blogging does not end after publishing content. With the help of various blog promotion strategies, you need your audience to know that there is a new article out there waiting for them to see and where can they find it.

In this article on how to promote your blog and get the most mileage out of your content, we hope to inspire you in understanding the different benefits that blogging has in store for your business. It is an effective way for you to reach out to your existing customers, introduce your brand to your potential customers, which will then mould your authority online.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

Ensure that all of your published articles and pages are SEO friendly. You have to use the right keywords that can really help boost your appearance in search engine results. If you got the proper keywords and somebody goes and looks for it, if you are one of the famous sites, you are more likely to appear up the top, because not all people will look at the second page of the Google search engine results.

The easiest way to find the right keywords for your blog posts is to use Google’s keyword planner. It is for free and really easy to use. It will not only help you in boosting your traffic but also give you insights on what people are searching for and how to boost your blog post and Google search engine results.

Hosting webinars – Webinars are another great strategy to promote your blogs although it can be intimidating at times. You can be nervous, and you are overwhelmed with the idea of being live for your audience, and people can see you from your webcam. Blogging has changed a lot for the past years. We are now on the path of going more personal with our readers, and we want them to feel that we are reaching out to them. The webinar does not need to belong.

It has to be packed with useful and valuable information. The whole purpose of the webinar is to connect with your readers on a deeper level that is impossible for you to do in a blog post. When you do a webinar, people will get to know you a little bit better, and it will help them remember you. It will help you gain their trust by teaching them a few things and then, getting to know them on a deeper level.

Guest posting for someone on a similar niche and have a similar audience. The new audience may read your blog post and visit your site. They may not be necessarily interested in your category, but they are interested in the original category of whatever blog they were reading first. It can be a lot harder to convert to your news fans if they are not interested in your subjects.

One of the most important blog promotion strategies is to make sure to routinely post on social media. Please choose one or two social media platforms and rocking it like a boss. You can use the social media scheduling platform like Buffer or Hoopsweep. They have a couple of free plans, and that is always great because you can free up a little bit of your time.

You can schedule a new post maybe on a Sunday evening and then just plan out for the rest of the week, and you do not have to panic about being there live. Facebook feed is the easiest way to notify your new audiences that new blog content has been published.

Please read the comments section and use it as a topic of your next content. This only goes to show that you have the right audience, and they are reading and paying attention to your content. This blog promotion strategy helps in retaining the new audiences also new audiences will have their eye on you because they are waiting and anticipating for the original subject of your content.

How do I make my Blog Content Faster?

Content promotion is an art, you may have the idea of something that you wanted to write about, but you cannot write or start writing your content. This blank page can be intimidating. The good news is, we can solve this problem. We can solve it in a way that will make your content better. What you need to apply is a content pattern. To successfully promote a blog we need to apply the same pattern to each of the content. There are three significant reasons why you should start using content patterns right away.

  • It beats the problem of writer’s block. You need to break your idea down to chunks. Always have an introduction which explains why your audience should read the content. The conclusion needs to be at the end, and it should include your call-to-action. The content pattern should be in between the introduction and the conclusion.
  • It will make you post a stronger content. Having a content pattern solves the problem of incoherent and scattered thought of the writer. Content pattern forces the writer to think about how to structure the content properly, what should come first, and how can they break the whole content down. It forces clear thinking and clear communication. Apart from anything else, it makes your content nicer to look at and much more pleasant to read.
  • It makes your content shareable. A content pattern can get the chance of being famous and ending up getting more traffic if you know how to use the content patter strategically. It is not just making your content look nice. Improved content formatting can get a lot more shares and traffic. Always remember that only the good stuff gets shared. You could say that using content patterns can make your content more readable and more shareable. It is essential to the success of your content marketing.

There is one possible problem with this. You do not need to use the same content pattern for every piece of article that you need to write. In fact, you should not do that at all. You need to use a suitable content pattern for each topic that you want to discuss in your blog.

You need to make a distinction between the structure of your content and the content itself. For the great content itself, you need to create unique and valuable topics that will show your voice and personality. Do not dwell in generic, boring content. Write something perky that can be published either on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms where your audience stays. For instant blog promotion just get your content in a systematic pattern and get all the benefits that we had mentioned before.

Great way to get more Mileage from your Content

There are lot of blog promotion strategies one can use for better organic ranking but as a blogger, you may have written so many different articles in the past. You pretty much know how to publish your article on your Facebook page, understand what key points to use every day, and you see another way to make your old blog look like new content. Promoting your blog via social media will give you the traffic that you desire since a lot of people are using social media most of the time.

Not all of your published, high-quality articles will be read by your target audience. A few will share your post. Old content will be buried by the new blog that you wrote over time. You will invest so much time and hard work in creating those pieces. You can promote your content every single day. A different piece of content is published in social media, and few people take a look at it. Quality content should be your primary goal in every post to make your content inviting to all the people that come across your site.

Here are some points on how you can recycle published contents and get more mileage from it. Choose your best blog post. High-quality content is a sure way to increase social reputation. Not only that, best content is most likely to get likes and share in social media.

Keep a compilation of all the blog posts that you did in the past and know which one of them ranked favourably in the search engine. It is good to create a list of your blog posts so that you can find an article easily when the situation calls for it.

A great blog promotion strategy is to update your published blog posts. This makes the old blog post look like new. You can add more details that will catch the interest of your audience. This will save you more time because writing a brand new blog can be very time-consuming.

Link your new blog post to the old ones. Make sure that both articles have-call-to-action. Use of social media is a great way to promote an old blog post that has the best content. We all know that social media has a huge amount of traffic and many people are on it. No one will know that you are linking an old article as long as the information that they will find in the content is high-quality and not outdated.

Create an outline that will show all the best content that you have written in the past and compile it into one blog post. Link all those previous articles and post them on social media. A lot of companies that provide products and services use this technique and get the ranking that they desire over time.

Compile the contents according to their topics. If you have been blogging for quite a long time, it will not be surprising if you have written multiple articles about the same topic over time. These are great ways to get the attention of your audience. You already create a list for them that will make their search easier about a specific topic that they may be interested in.

Among all the blog promotion strategies this one is the most obvious promotion technique but is also equally dificult as being creative for every blogger is very important. Find different ways on how you will incorporate all these blog promotion ideas mentioned above in recycling the articles that you had published in the past. Use this to your advantage as this is a great way to generate good traffic.

The blog is now an essential part of SEO, and Google has been using this to determine the credibility of a company. If you want to get a better ranking from the Google search engine, you need to work hard on publishing evergreen posts that will excite your readers. Reading blogs can be boring to some readers, so you need to make sure that you have your own stock of creative juices to meet their criteria and have them carry on.

Are you an aspiring blogger? An SEO company who offers blogging services to companies? Let us know if you agree with our blog promotion strategies that we share in this article, and we also want to hear how you are managing it on your own? Please drop us a comment down below. We encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise and nurture the aspiring writers or email marketers out there.

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