3 Successful Seo Strategies in 2021 to Boost Your Traffic

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Are you looking for SEO strategies that will increase your traffic? Well, keep reading because we will unveil our four strategies that works well even in 2021 to attract more customers for your business. Also, it will help you to boost your organic rankings as well.

Strategy 1: Pleasing Your Users

Always focus on pleasing your users. It means that users should have a seamless experience on your website. Google values user experience.

You need to work on improving this user experience on your website. It all starts with technical SEO Strategies. There are two parts to technical SEO.

#1 High Impact Technical Issues

Optimize your sites loading speed

We do not know about you, but a slow loading website is one of the most painful experiences you can have online.

It will not only hurt your organic search performance, but it can hurt your business as well.

Countless studies are showing the importance of website loading speed and its effect on your business.

Practical Steps to Take in Increasing your Website Loading Speed

  • Benchmark your current loading speed. There are tools that you can use online to time your website’ loading speed effectively. Gather your loading speed for different locations and time.

    Get the average to determine your benchmark. There are countless resources online about how to improve your website’s loading speed.The one thing that will determine how quickly your website load is your web hosting.

    You can make all kinds of minute-changes to improve your website loading speed, but web hosting is one of the most critical factors in your website loading speed.

  • Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. The majority of all traffic that is coming to your website is coming from mobile. There are some exceptions to the rule, especially to those B2B businesses. Nevertheless, you should make your website friendly to mobile devices. You can use Google’s own tool for checking mobile-friendliness.

    All you need to do is to enter your target URL and click run tests to get started, and after the analysis is complete, Google will tell you whether or not your website is mobile-friendly.You can invest in web design and web development companies in your local area.

    Another option is hiring a freelancer who can redesign your website for you. If you are not ready to hire a company or a freelancer, your best bet is doing it on your own. It will all depend on the content management system. You can use responsive themes that can be free or paid.

  • Ensure that you develop an effective site architecture. There are tons of great resources out there to help you with site architecture. I want you to focus on the three objectives that you need to achieve when you are structuring your site architecture.

    User experience will determine how easy it is for your users to go through your website and to navigate in your website. A good website will feel seamless. You also need to consider how well can it be crawled in Google. You will want Google to be able to crawl your website efficiently.

    This means Google’s ability to index all the pages on your website.Lastly, you need to build your website’s authority through your architecture. This ability will help you a better chance of getting a higher rank.

#2 Low Impact Technical Issues

Broken Links and 404 Errors

You can find broken links by using free tools available on the internet. Export all the broken links that the tool will find to whatever type of SEO campaign sheet you are using. You can then go through and start fixing all these broken links.

If you are using WordPress, you can install plug-ins that will help you fix broken links. Broken links and 404 errors are sometimes handed in hand. You should be auditing both of them separately because there are certain circumstances where you need to take different actions depending on what you have identified.

In most cases, 404 page is a signal to Google that you want this particular page to be gone from the search result because the actual page no longer exists.
When a 404 page has backlinks, you can either redirect to a relevant page or have it redirected to your home page.

There are many different ways of finding 404 errors. You can use Google search console.


There are two common redirect issues. The 302 redirects and Redirect Chains. You need to fix 302 redirects because it has a small possibility that they do not pass link equity. It is best to use the best approach, which is to use the 301 redirects. You will know for sure that this 301 redirect will pass the link equity and the page rank.

The best way of finding 302 redirects is to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider. You can simply enter your domain and start the analysis. When you click on the response code tab and your preferred choices, you can simply export the list of all the 302 redirect errors that your site has. You have to convert all the 302 to 301 redirects.

Thin Content

It can be any web page that does not add much value to the user. Thin content does not mean short in the word count. It can also mean that the pages regurgitated content. These are the contents that do not bring anything new to the table and cam severly impact your seo strategies in motion. Google’s Panda hates thin content. These pages need more contents or need to be eliminated. Thin content will drag your website down.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content occurs when there is more than one page that has the same content. It also applies content on the actual pages and your metadata. You need to fix duplicate content because it does not add value to your audience. Google’s algorithm does not appreciate it.

Strategy 2: Satisfy Search Intent

Satisfying the google search intent is a major seo strategy in 2021 to rank above your competitor. You need to find the right keywords and build your keyword database. There are different applications that you can find online that will help you determine a strong keyword.

After that, you need to go through the process of qualifying those ideas and prioritizing the keyword list. You need to filter through all these keywords that you found.

Most people use search volumes from the Google keyword planner as their guide to determine what keywords they want to go after.

5 Qualifiers you Should Use to Prioritize Your Keyword List:

  • Search Volume – I believe that you need to use the search volume as your primary qualifier for what keywords you are going to use.
  • User Signals – Any place where there are communities and where users engage on a platform through the process of commenting on a specific topic can be treated as signals.These are the topics that people in your industry are interested in. This is the part where you are getting validation that the keyword content idea that you are after is interesting. User signals will help you gauge if the subject that you chose is in line with your user’s interests.
  • Google Trends – This determines how well a specific idea is trending at a particular time.
  • Social Signals – identifies the topic that people are talking about in social media platforms.
  • Link Worthiness – Are websites in your niche willing to link to pages about this topic? You can use any popular link analysis tool that you can find on the website. One of the indications that the topic is worthy is if it has backlinks.

The process of qualifying keywords and content ideas is not about guessing what topics your audience like. You are using real data and signals to identify which topics you need to be writing about.

After you are done with the keywords, you need to develop your search intent strategy. It is the most critical part of this process. If you do not satisfy the search intent, there is a very high probability that you will not rank. It is effortless to meet search intent correctly.

You need to model your competitors who are ranking on the first page for your target keywords. All that matters is how you are going to satisfy search intent. Understanding how searchers think when they are conducting the search queries is critical to your success in SEO strategies. The more you study it, the more you get better at it.

Strategy 3: Optimize and Amplify

When you start getting organic search visitors, the majority of those people that visit your site will never come back again. Fundamentally, you can remarket to these people who visited your website.

Build Retargeting Lists

It can be through social media or other platforms. It does not mean that you will start advertising for these people. It is a good idea to have these retargeting lists built on Facebook and other platforms because there are assets for your business. You can advertise to these people even if it does not convert in every way.

Grow your Email Lists

Try to capture your visitor’s email addresses. There are countless marketing channels out there, but the email has stood the test of time when it comes to marketing. It remains to be the best channel for nurturing your prospects and for marketing to those prospects.

This is all for SEO strategy in this article, you can also hire seo services Australia for your business to save a lot time for other marketing activities.

If you have got a lot of value from this article, please let me hear about it. Please write us a comment below for questions and comments. Please share with us if you have thoughts that will be helpful to the SEO community. See you next time.

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