Social Media Best Practices in Australia for 2021

Social Media plays a crucial role in marketing. Many businesses face different challenges during the pandemic, but Digital Marketing was able to stay afloat. Businesses are now starting to use Social Media platforms and Social Media Best Practices whether existing or upcoming, to reach their audiences.

These social media platforms make it possible for you to achieve your goal and target for your business. In this platform, you will unravel useful information that will help you build a more effective, … Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Many of you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing – hence you may have heard about Social Media many times over. Social media incorporates the methods and online technology to which people can share your content, personal opinions, compare different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media. There are many other social media website content available, depending on your goal and target market.

Text – It is used to write blog … Read More

Top Methods to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media (2021)

Brand awareness refers to how well a customer can remember or recognise a brand in different situations. In other words, brand awareness is about the reputation and image of your brand or business in your target market.

Brand awareness is important if you want to reach and sell to your target customers. It’s a crucial parameter to business growth, which can help your small business turn into a well-established company. It’s simple actually: the more people are aware of your … Read More

Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Social Media has always been a very crucial part of online marketing, and with technology evolving and people getting more aware of the ways social media can drive business growth, it’s only a matter of time when social overtakes other forms of digital marketing campaigns. But, more on that later.

Here, we are about to discuss the top social media trends that will continue to disrupt the industry in 2021 and beyond.

The harsh truth of the present social media … Read More

How Your Social Reputation Affects Your SEO

We want you to understand the essentials of online reputation management and how your social reputation affects your SEO. This is something that so many SEO companies overlooked. Online reputation management is the factor of making a business or a website look attractive online. It is controlling the overall appearance of a website as it appears live.

A lot of marketers are spending their time on paid advertising and not understanding what marketing really is. We know for a fact … Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad on Facebook?

In this article, we shall read about one of the most trending topics of 2020 i.e how much does it cost to put an ad on Facebook? You will grab every marketing opportunity if you aim to increase your business. Digital Marketing is the new trend since everyone is now digital. People are more and more hooked online.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube is to only name a few of these bigs social media companies that are being used … Read More

How to Do a Successful Social Media Audit for Sydney Clients

Saying that our Social Media strategies are working and giving a positive return on our investment, but it is another to prove if it is true. You cannot rely on subjective measures of success.

You may see that your content is reaching people through each like, comment, and share that you are getting, but it does not accurately answer the question that you may have in your mind, which is, are you doing your Social Media marketing correctly?

How can … Read More

10 Actionable Tips & Strategies To Apply On Your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Paid online advertising has now reached way beyond Google. “Google Ads (Adwords)” is no longer the only way you can promote your products/services directly to online consumers. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now have their own dedicated advertising plans and services through which you can promote your business to online users.

Paid advertising has always been a great and cost-effective way for businesses to directly reach and connect with potential/existing users of their products and promote to … Read More

Video (Marketing) Ideas for Brands During Coronavirus Outbreak

Even though the world has come to a near halt due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we, as an SEO, can’t just stop doing what we do – Marketing.

As most of the businesses today face challenges to keep their traffic/leads coming and struggling to find ways to grow in the post-corona world, we at Proven Digital are constantly adapting ourselves to find new ideas to continue helping our clients’ businesses to grow in these troubled times.

Continuing our efforts, … Read More