10 Actionable Tips & Strategies To Apply On Your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

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Paid online advertising has now reached way beyond Google. “Google Ads (Adwords)” is no longer the only way you can promote your products/services directly to online consumers. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now have their own dedicated advertising plans and services through which you can promote your business to online users.

Paid advertising has always been a great and cost-effective way for businesses to directly reach and connect with potential/existing users of their products and promote to them. And with social media networks also providing these services now, you can actively target millions, if not billions, of potential consumers in no time and at a relatively lower cost.

Almost all the online advertising platforms follow the pay-per-click (PPC) model, where you only have to pay when a user clicks your advertisement or takes the desired action.

If you are using paid social media advertising (or planning to use it) to find and promote to your target audience, here you can find helpful tips to improve the efficiency of your ad campaigns and get the most out of them.

The golden rule to success in advertising is this: Analyse, test, change, and test again.

Change is the only constant when it comes to online advertising. If your current strategies are not working or are not meeting with the consumers’ expectations, it’s time to replace them with something better.

Not sure how? We are here to help.

Note: Proven Digital is australia’s leading social media marketing agency with years of experience in digital marketing and development. These social media paid advertising strategies and tips have been prepared by our paid marketing team through experience and extensive industry research. Hope it helps you!

Here are some of the proven tips that you can apply to your social media advertising campaigns for greater success and results.

Identify Your Marketing Goals/Objectives

The first step, of course, is to identify the primary goals of your social media advertising campaign. Without properly measured and identified objectives, your ad strategy will be aimless and will end up costing you money and time without any results.

Every brand may have its specific goals behind marketing their product/service/business to targeted audiences. It may be to increase traffic to their blog or website, increase sales, generate more leads that convert, increase brand visibility online, get clicks, increase engagement, get email subscribers, or anything else.

Make sure that you have a clear idea of what your ultimate goal for paid advertising is so that you can work to achieve the best one first.

Understand Your Target Audience

The next thing to explore is the target audience you want to promote your business/product to. Going blindly and promoting your ad to random people on social media is only going to cost and not bring any results.

As of 2019, more than 3 billion people are actively using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Narrowing it down to your specific audience can be difficult. But, it’s possible through some research.

Build the profiles of the kind of people who would want to use your product or service, including their locations. For instance, if you sell protein supplements, the most preferred audiences to target through your ads are bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

So, start identifying and targeting the right audience with your social campaigns.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms Carefully

Not all social media platforms can be ideal for your ad campaign. You need to find the one/s that your target audiences are the most active on.

Ask yourself questions like which social channel your target customers might be using, how likely users are to click your ads on this channel, which network your competitors are targeting, what kind of ROI it produces, whether it’s better for organic targeting, etc.

Understand the unique benefits and features of advertising on each social media site. For example, Facebook is perfect for B2C marketing because of the plenty of available ad formats and targeting options. Instagram, on the other hand, is ideal for the marketing of ads with high-visual content.

It’s all about finding out where your target audience is and the best way to access them.

Find Out Problems with Your Existing Campaign/s

If you are already running an ad campaign on social media or other online networks, try and find out where they are lacking and what you can do to improve. Are you targeting the right audiences? Is this social channel the best for your campaign? If not, improve the existing campaign and track results to learn from the problems. And then use the same in your new campaigns as well.

Prepare the Ad Content (Or Improve the Existing One) Carefully

Before you start preparing new content for social media ads, analyse your existing content (on your website, blogs and other ad campaigns) to see what kind of content gets the most visits, likes and engagement from the users. Also, find out what kind of users are the most active on this content and if they match your target user profile. If so, you can probably use your existing content to produce new ads for social media marketing.

And if your existing content is not up to the task, it’s probably time to prepare new ones with scratch. But before you start, know this.

Your ultimate goal when creating paid advertising content should be to blend naturally into the social media feeds and timelines of the target audience. In other words, rather than making your ad content too promotional and stand out, try and make it blend in organic content, posts and threads. Users don’t always love content that is too promotional or looks spammy.

Pay Only For The Results You Want

Of course, you’ll have to pay for all the clicks or actions you get through your ads on social media, irrespective of whether they are relevant/useful or not. So, you should try your best to identify and target only for the results you want.

Do you want clicks? Or increasing traffic to your website is your main goal? Analyse your campaign results to see if you are getting what you want. If not, make the required changes.

Optimize Your Website For Users Coming Through Ads

Most social advertisers and brands forget to have a strategy in place to best utilise the traffic coming through social ads. If your goal is to generate sales, it’s important that your website has a specific funnel to convert the ad traffic into sales.

Make sure that the landing page on your website is directly linked with the ad content or messages. For example, if you are promoting a special offer through an ad on social media, the landing page (URL) should redirect users directly to the page on your website where they can avail that offer or find more about it.

Target Mobile

Don’t forget to optimize your social campaigns as well as your website for mobile devices. More than 70% of all social media visits comes from mobile phones and tablets.

In other words, your ad should be optimised such that it makes it easy for users to go to the landing page and ultimately convert on your website or mobile app. Ideally, all your social media ads should be optimised for mobile.

Track, Improve, And Track Again

Always track the results of every ad or marketing campaign you ever run. It’s important in order to find out the results you are getting from your promotional strategy, how effective your ads are, what kind of users are clicking on your ad, and the overall performance in terms of clicks, traffic or whatever else you were aiming for.

At the same time, tracking the ad campaign results will allow you to identify the areas that need improvement. For instance, you may not be getting results because you are either targeting the wrong audience or not using the right social channel or maybe your landing page is not up-to-date. Then, you can make the required changes and launch again.

Use What’s Trending

As I said before, change is the only constant when it comes to online advertising. If you aren’t changing your ad strategies and campaigns with time, you might get behind in the race.

Identify the new, innovative marketing opportunities in the trends. For instance, the world is currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, so if your brand, products or services can assist people in any way in these tough times, use that to prepare your ad strategy. Keeping up with the trend is the only way to go on.


I’m sure by now you must have a lot of ideas and things in your mind. You may even be ready to prepare your next social media ad strategy considering the above tips. So, go on. Just make sure that your new social marketing strategy is made to overcome the limitations of your existing campaigns and to achieve the desired outcomes. Also, don’t ignore the importance of testing and refreshing your ad campaigns constantly for the best results.

And if you need help, we are just one call away. If you find your head spinning by too much information or want someone to do the job for you, hire now the best social media marketing experts in the industry with Proven Digital.

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