Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

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Many of you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing – hence you may have heard about Social Media many times over.

Social media incorporates the methods and online technology to which people can share your content, personal opinions, compare different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media.

There are many other social media website content available, depending on your goal and target market.

Text – It is used to write blog posts or put across opinions.

Images – Photos and images show a graphic presentation of anything from holiday photos to shots by professional photographers.

Audio – Social media helps you create a podcast for users to download.

Video – Video sites mean that you can record a video or situation for the world to see.

The most popular type of social media websites is popular. Some examples of these social media websites are Social Networking.

These are the websites that allow you to create a personal profile that tells all about your personal information.

You can also chat, discuss, and share information with others, such as friends and family.

A prime example of social networking sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

Video sharing sites allow you to upload and share your videos to the rest of the web community.

This is how Youtube was founded.

Many news aggregators upload the latest news stories published by users from a range of different websites.

One part of social media is online gaming. It is often based around the community. Warcraft is a perfect example of this.

There are so many types of social media that are available on the internet.

Because the social media front is moving so fast, we can’t list all the variety of social media websites that exist.

Social media has its pros and cons, so please join us to know more about pressing topics.

Let us determine the merits and demerits of social media.

Types of Social Media Platforms

Social media has become the new platform for businesses to implement marketing strategies.

With the low barrier to entry and multiple media platforms to utilize, Social media offers unparalleled chances for businesses to reach their target markets and establish brand awareness.

However, using these media platforms to their full potential is not always easy, and it carries a unique set of risks.

There advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that is frequently cited as the best website for business owners.

Sites like Facebook offer a vast network. It is straightforward to use and can provide flexibility to its users.

We can say that using social media is a fit for most businesses. Social media sites offer unique benefits.

Businesses who engage with Google+ enjoy better rankings in Google search results, but Google+ is a small platform.

With a smaller platform, business owners can put personal touch when it comes to customer service interaction.

They can tailor fit their responses to their customer’s query.

Twitter can be useful for companies that have a steady flow of news flashes or links to share or follow.

It can be best for businesses with a regular stream of images and short video contents but, if your business does not have these, you may have to consider improving your presence to other social media sites as this will not work for you.

Instagram enables a visual style of storytelling. Same as Facebook, it has millions of users all across the world. Most information shown on Instagram comes in pictures.

Benefits & Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Media platforms offer marketing opportunities as long as they will be used for the right type of businesses

Social media marketing is an excellent way for businesses to broaden their exposure to the public at a much affordable cost than traditional marketing.

Establishing your presence to widely used social media platforms can help target new customers and make your brand more visible.

The two-way communication is one of the many benefits of social media

It improves customer service experience, and it allows new businesses to gain further information about their customers.

Business owners can easily tailor the appropriate line of products to offer their target market with this knowledge.

It provides the opportunity to expand business contacts, and it can target a wide range of audience. It can be a useful recruitment tool for some businesses too.

Social Media Can Expand Market Research

It can also increase the implementation of marketing campaigns, deliver communications in the right interested people to specific sites like your store website.

There are so many people who use social media, and it is almost a part of their everyday lives. Using social media can now be compared to reading the newspaper.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

While social media can be a powerful marketing tool, there are also disadvantages of using social media.

It is not entirely risk-free. Followers and customers are free to post their comments and reactions about your products or services, and it can sometimes destroy the image of your business.

Customers use social media to give feedback and reviews. Dissatisfied users can give your product a bad review on your website, which can further on affect your marketing strategies.

This is one of the many disadvantages of social media. You are exposing your business to negative publicity, and people may not buy from you anymore.

Your social media manager has to be quick in responding to these kinds of criticisms and feedback to decrease the damage from these comments.

You cannot erase a negative review in social media from your business page or feed.

Updating your social media accounts takes time and effort.

You need to have a social media manager who knows everything about your business and your product’s information.

The use of social media is not entirely free. Sure there are a lot of advantages to putting your business in social media, but you need to pay for it.

Many companies offer website management if you do not have the technical knowledge to manage your social media platforms.

It is an ongoing work to find new angles about your products continually and to post and repost information for the people to see.

The information is only visible for a short time before the more recent post replaces it. Publishing blatant advertising campaigns is unacceptable in the social media world.

You need to find a creative way of presenting your products or services in a very subtle way that people who see it will not know that you’re selling it or forcing it to them.

Hackers pose another threat to businesses in social media platforms. Social networking sites contain so much information about your customers and your businesses.

Hackers can take over a company’s website using social media. This is the most dangerous disadvantages of social media.

Attackers can share false information about your products or services that can be damaging to your company’s reputation. It can quickly go viral from one person to different people.

Businesses who use social media need to take security cautions when creating passwords and sharing passwords within employees.

A business can easily set up a presence on multiple social media platforms.

However, none of these platforms will help them gain customers without an investment of time and effort.

An unattended Facebook page or Twitter feed can leave a negative impression on people visiting your website.

It will also cost your page to lose business, fans, and followers.

Companies should consider the resources before developing social media marketing strategies to ensure that they can provide the attention and frequent communication needed to embrace social media effectively.

Social Media Is Not Designed To Be A Business Platform

In the first place, when you think about buying something, do you go to Facebook, or do you go to Amazon or other shopping websites?

Social media is designed to connect people in a relaxed way.

There are more effective media to use in marketing, and your company should not rely heavily on social media marketing.

Negative Reviews can damage your company’s reputation

You are opening your company to so many exposures the moment that you decided to be online.

You are exposing your company, services, or products to people’s criticism and feedback.

Anyone can leave a comment online, and it is so easy to put in a bad review.

You Will Be Flooded With Ads

Social media marketing is bombarded with ads.

Return of investment in social media marketing sites like Facebook and Instagram is one of the lowest

Apart from this, social media management requires a tremendous amount of effort and money.

We suggest that you establish your brand first before joining in the bandwagon of social media.

Social media management is time-consuming

You need to manage your page multiple times or at least create a fresh post twice a week.

Apart from this, you need to study and familiarize yourself with how you can achieve the best result in social media marketing.

Social networking sites can be the best place to market your product, but you need to learn your way with it.

Social media management is time-consuming

You need to manage your page multiple times or at least create a fresh post twice a week.

Apart from this, you need to study and familiarize yourself with how you can achieve the best result in social media marketing.

Social networking sites can be the best place to market your product, but you need to learn your way with it.

The result of social media marketing is challenging to quantify


Having so many likes and shares do not mean that you are increasing your sales.

The engagement is all over the place, and then click to action can below.

Issues with security policies are prevalent

You have to open your business and be willing to share your information if you choose to create a social media account.

This means exposing yourself to potential hackers too

Social media marketing will only stay on social networking sites

If you want to increase your presence, you should consider hiring an SEO expert.

SEO can assure a wider audience and not just limited to social media platforms.

Social media only works for younger generations

Most people indeed have it, but it does not mean that all people use it.

There are still people out there who choose not to have their social media accounts.

Businesses need to focus on building their brand and reputation before jumping into social media marketing.

There are so many ways in order for you to expand your market and that can be achieved not by just social media alone.

As I cited to you the pros and cons of social media sites, I hope that you find sense in what I am trying to convey to you.

Using social media may or may not be for you. Do not gamble on things that you are not sure of.

I suggest that you call your local SEO provider and talk to them about your requirements.

There are so many SEO companies in Australia that have shown promising results over the years.

Please feel free to write your comment below if you have questions and suggestions on what you want to talk about in our next article.

See you next time.

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