New SEO Stats To Inspire Your Digital Strategy in 2021

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Even with over 9 algorithms changes a day, It’s safe to say that it is no longer easy to manipulate or game Google. But we can assure you that SEO is still very much alive and it is probably working better than before, and we have the statistics to prove it.

Our SEO experts at Proven Digital Marketing have spent a couple of hours and found some really amazing and valuable facts about SEO, and now providing here, because we know, up-to-date knowledge about the important new SEO stats and facts can help website owners and any high-quality SEO company to stay on top of the Google results.

SEO Stats about Devices

Electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are your secret keepers, They are an integral part of the busy and modern lifestyle. Thus, how can we miss stats related to them?

  1. Some reports state that almost 65% of online users use their phones in their “I want to buy” moments.
  2. Google is the king with 88.05% of global mobile search traffic in 2019, with a rise of 6.57% from 2018.
  3. Only 0.86% of global desktop search traffic came from the Bing Search Engine in 2019.
  4. 1.25% of global search traffic via desktop came from Yahoo in 2019.
  5. 8.82% of global search traffic through desktop search traffic came from Baidu in Last Year.
  6. DuckDuckGo in 2019 generated 0.20% of global desktop search traffic.
  7. Instead of 10 search results, an average of 8.5 organic search results is shown on Google mobile search result’s First Page. A major change in the number of search results.
  8. 8.59 organic search results are shown on the Google desktop search result’s First Page.
  9. To access the internet, 51.3% of users used mobile and tablet devices, and 48.7% of users used desktops.
  10. Before making a purchase 79% of customers/ consumers took a related action on their smartphone.
  11. SEO has approx. 20 % more traffic opportunity on Electronic devices compared to the PPC.

SEO Stats for Local Businesses

Recent changes in SEO, Search Engines, and human behaviour improved the scope of local business and here in the SEO statistics related to Local Searches.

  1. From 2013 to 2017, there are incomparable growth of around 900% for search terms like “near me tonight/today” e.g. “concerts near me today”.
  2. In the last two years, there is a huge 150% increase in local searches without local qualifiers such as “near me”, ZIP codes or towns.
  3. 1 out of 3 mobile searches is related to location.
  4. After doing a quick local search, almost 72% of customers visited a store within 5 miles.
  5. In the fourth quarter, 80% of the search queries related to “near me” terms came from smartphone devices.
  6. Reports also state that 18% of local mobile searches resulted in purchasing within one day.
  7. Business hours of business house and store searched by 54% of smartphone users, Whereas 53%smartphone users searched for directions to a local store.
  8. Around 80% of customers are happy to have customized ads relevant to their interest, city, postcode and/or surroundings.
  9. 90% of professionals think that Marketing and PR continue to integrate.
  10. Mobile searches increased by 1.3 times in the last year for terms like “where to buy/find/get”.
  11. 76% of people who search using their smartphone for something nearby, visit a business or store within a day. From this 76 % searchers, 28% of the users also result in a purchase.
  12. 30% of mobile searches having terms related to a location.
  13. More than 80% of customers use search engines to get local information.
  14. Search terms such as “stores open now” or “food open now” are searched doubled in the last year from Smartphones.

SEO Stats about Professional Observation

These SEO stats will provide you with basic details about what professionals think about SEO, their investment strategy, Annual spent in online marketing, etc.

  1. 41% of large companies considered the Link building as the most difficult part of SEO.
  2. According to 82% of marketers, SEO is more effective than before.
  3. 42% of marketer survey reports state that effectiveness had increased significantly in the last few years.
  4. Improving SEO and growing organic performance are the top inbound marketing priority for 61% of marketers.
  5. As per a survey report, UK advertisers are expected to invest 62% of their total ad budget online by this year (2021).
  6. 42% of the average firm’s marketing budget is kept aside for online marketing.
  7. As per report around $65 billion have been spent on SEO in 2016.
  8. The amount spent on SEO in 2018 has been reached $72 billion.
  9. The amount spent on SEO in 2021 is expected to be around $79 billion.
  10. Small business houses in the U.S invest less than $5000/month in an SEO agency.
  11. As per report around 77.8% of U.S search ad revenue was spent on Google In 2017.
  12. “Content marketing is integrated with their SEO strategy” as claimed by 45% of Companies.

SEO Stats related to Search Engines

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is done to rank higher in search results, thus here are some of the stats that will show you how it influences people and their decision and also give you enough proof that SEO is not dead it is just improving day by day.

  1. Relevant searches influenced approx. 39% of purchases.
  2. Every Second almost 77,107 searches are performed on Google.
  3. Approx. 3.8 million searches per minute are handled by Google.
  4. 228 million searches per hour are performed by Google.
  5. Every month, over one billion people use Google search.
  6. Around 2 trillion searches Google handles each year.
  7. 70% of the searched terms/ keywords on Google are having four words or more.
  8. In the first 8 months of Last year, 75.27% of the global desktop searches, were done on Google.
  9.  As per reports, Peoples of 10 countries, including the US, UK, and Japan had used mobile devices more than laptops and desktop to perform Google searches.
  10. Around 93% of the online Exploration starts with doing a search on the Search Engines.
  11. Pages ranking number one on Google has an average of around 1890 words.
  12. The first results on a search engine results page (SERPs) get 33% of total clicks.
  13. Websites that are ranking on the first page of search results get 91.5% of all organic traffic.
  14. Various reports claim that a total of 51% of all traffic comes from organic search (Search Engines). 10% comes from paid search and only 5% from social platforms, the remaining 34% comes from sources like direct/bookmark, links. etc.
  15. Organic traffic generates more than 40% of online revenue.
  16. In 2018, 73 billion phone calls were generated through mobile searches.
  17. More than 70% of users/ customers prefer directions and click to call button in search ads.
  18. Some Survey stats that  15% of active U.S web users search for something on the search engine at least one or more in a day, while 45% use search engines at least once a week and the remaining 68% of web users use search engines at least one or more searches a month.
  19. On average 3 words are used by a typical searcher.
  20. On search engines, around 8% of searches are queries or phrased as questions.
  21. Only 8% of the search terms get changed by searchers without clicking a single result.
  22. 21% of searches resulting in multiple clicks on Google search results.
  23. In 8% of cases, searchers click a result and bounce back to the search results and clicks on another listing.
  24. In 2016, Google knows about (crawl) around 130 trillion web pages.
  25. U.S. People perform approx. 40 – 60 billion searches on Google each month.
  26. Google has made more than 1,600 changes and improvements in Search Result algorithms in 2016.
  27. Google is the search engine king with 81.12% total search engine market share.
  28. Every day 15% of new first time terms are being searched on google.
  29. The average all-in time of a Google search session is under 1 minute.
  30. At an average 66% of distinct searches resulted in one or more clicks on a result, whereas the remaining 34% generates no clicks at all.
  31. Only 3.4% of distinct searches end up to a click on a paid AdWords result.
  32. Google Maps gets approx. 0.9% of clicks from searches on results.
  33. 0.5% of total Google clicks go to Knowledge Graph links and pages.
  34. Twitter block results get approx. 0.23% of Google search clicks.
  35. YouTube results account for 1.8% of Google search clicks.
  36. Personalized Gmail/Google Mail results steal around 0.16% of Google search result clicks.
  37. YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Books, Google Play Store, and other Google properties get 11.8% of clicks from Google searches.
  38. As per the report, the top 100 million keywords/terms only account for 75% of the total search volume.
  39. In mobile Searches, 40.9% of Google searches result in an organic click, only 2% on a paid click and the remaining 57.1% do not have any click at all.
  40. In desktop searches, an average of 62.2% of Google searches results in an organic click, 2.8% in a paid click and 35% in no click at all.
  41. Google Shopping results steals 0.55% of Google search result clicks.
  42. A total of 3% of searches ends up to Image blocks.

All the stats given above are enough to show you the importance of SEO and also show you that SEO is getting better with every new update. Thus Business houses need to focus more on ethical and authentic SEO strategies.

If you are wondering how these SEO stats or updates affect your online business or need to consult your digital strategy with an expert, give us a call at 1300 160 807 / 02 9061 7142 or drop an mail at [email protected].

We are Proven Digital Marketing, a Sydney-based full-service digital marketing agency helping businesses with tailormade digital strategies to elevate their business value, reputation, and ROI in the online space.

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