Most Powerful Seo Link Building Strategies for 2021

Link building is the most challenging section of SEO strategies. It requires a lot of technical knowledge, a lot of creative approaches, and hard work. Many of us had tried link building, and most of us failed the first or second time.

In this article, we will help you teach how to build backlinks effectively and efficiently, which will help you get the rank you desire in Google.

There are two dominant views for building backlinks. It is essential for you to define what link building is for you to conclude which ideas will work for you.

Link building is linking other websites to a page on your website. These are also called backlinks.

Backlink execution is challenging because most SEO companies focus on the result, which is to get backlinks to their pages. It also talks about relationships with other website owners. You need to understand why it is worth the effort.

Why Is Backlink Important?

Why Is Backlink Important?

Google’s search engine looks for backlinks that will help your website rank better. This has been dictated by Google when they created PageRank back in 1998. It judges the website’s value by looking at the pages’ quality and quantity linked to it.

There is also a strong correlation between backlinks from unique websites and organic traffic. You need to work on your backlinks if you want to rank using competitive phrases. Having competitive phrases will drive the most traffic and revenue for your business.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

Why Is Backlink Important?

Creating Backlinks

You can manually add links to your site on other websites. Many SEO companies do this by adding a website to directories, leaving comments on blog posts, or simply adding your website to your social media accounts. This is the easiest step in link building. However, it is not effective if we talk about ranking significantly.

Buying Backlinks

You can pay authors and website owners for them to link back to your page. Buying backlinks is not suggested because Google prohibits this. It can penalize you by losing your ranking position. Buying links is also not economical because it is not cheap.

Earning Backlinks

You can send email to other website owners to solicit if they want to link to you. Earning backlinks is the most challenging amongst the three. Earning backlinks is evidence that hard work gives the best results.
Links are not equally created. Some links will help you crawl to the top, while others can drag you down.

What Are Good Links?

Good link

There are two main categories to describe what good links are.

Relevance – is the link relevant to your website?
Authoritativeness – The quality and the quantity of the links matter. You can secure PageRank by getting quality links. High authority websites can pass this authoritativeness through hyperlinks.
We qualify a website based on domain ratings and URL ratings. Domain rating is the strength of a website’s backlink profile. On the other hand, URL rating represents the overall strength of the website’s backlink profile.

Powerful Link Building Strategies

Powerful Link Building Strategies


As you analyze backlinks in home pages, you will notice that most links have anchor texts pointing to the company’s brand name. Branded anchors always mention the company.
You need to know why your competitor’s brand was mentioned in that blog and how you will work your way in that post.
SEO companies can send email messages to the webmaster to ask if they can include a brand to backlink on a specific page.
Some of the common links that you can find from a competitor’s page are quotes, guest postings, testimonials, as they always point to the author’s home page. You can filter out the list and start soliciting and have your brand name mentioned alongside your competitor’s.

Broken Link Building

  • Look for a dead 404 page from a competitor’s website that has backlinks.
  • Recreate the page.
  • Email everyone that has the broken link and tell them to replace it with yours.

When you pitch to different site owners, ensure that your replacement blog is relevant to the context of why they will link to the dead link.
Make them realize your value and why you should be part of their post. You should be prepared to use your new and up to date data as part of your pitch. Do not recreate the post if you do not have the data.

Build Links to Your Existing Page That Needs a Boost

It is healthy for both you and your competitors to have a page with similar content, services, and products

  • Choose a site that you want to build backlinks to.
  • Find your competitor’s page, analyze the backlink profile, and find a relevant link.
  • Pitch in your page and be confident about displaying unique and relevant contents, services, and products.

One of the best SEO link building strategies ​is looking at the old posts from a competitor. It is easy for you to use your competitor’s backlink when you have brand new content.
You can look in Google to find your competitor’s pages and see which sites are linked to them.

Link Building from 301 Redirects

Websites can use their less popular content and redirect the same content to the page they want to rank for.

Guest Postings on the Same Page That Your Competitor Is Posting

  • Find a website you want to create content for.
  • Pitch a unique and relevant topic.
  • Write content that will link back to your site.

We already talked about many ways on how to do guest postings successfully.

Online always has footprints. The main footprint for guest posting is the author’s biography. You will get a link back to your website and links to your social media accounts through it.

You can use these five powerful SEO link building strategies anytime you are ready. Be prepared to collate a large list of backlinks and prospects that will help you increase your rank.

We failed to discuss other SEO link building strategies in this article, but we are sure to talk about them in our next release.

For now, I want to know if some of the tactics mentioned above were effective for you. Please share with us your two cents on this by writing a comment below.

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