What Is the Role of User Experience in SEO in 2021

We want to welcome everyone to this article. I will share with you the practical roles of user experience in SEO. A lot of factors can affect user experience. It can be data migration or simply changing your URL. Whatever change you have in mind, it has to be planned out at a very high level.
When you are considering a change to your website, what are we talking about?

  • Are we talking about changing the URL structure?
  • Are you completely re-platforming from one platform to another?

We all want a responsive design. It has to be done in a very strategic manner.

Without the strategy in place, you will see a negative effect on your traffic. Digital negative impacts are always felt if the migration is not done without an effective strategy.

High-Level SEO elements that you need to consider for user experience

Mobile-First Design

You need to understand who your user is and what device he or she uses. The mobile-first design has to be understood from all these perspectives. Understand your analytics. SEO companies usually look at the demographics

Whatever form your traffic makes, whatever demographics it is, that has to be understood before you design your mobile-first website experience.

It has to be completely planned out. It has to be understood and laid out so that your designers and your developers will understand exactly why the changes took place.

Bad user experience can decrease your ranking. We want you to understand that user experience in SEO is essential. Whether you are changing your URL or changing platforms, if your team does not know what is happening, they will not protect you from any disaster that is taking place.

You need to understand how your user is interacting with your website and that conversion will occur. They will also help you understand how mobile-first design technical aspects you have to take care of.

The user experience and SEO need to go hand in hand. If you tell your designer that you want to redesign, you may miss many elements of SEO that may affect your ranking.

To understand how important this is, you have to realise that changing platforms, designs, URL structures are integral properties that have to be done cohesively through your team.

Importance of Planning and Preparation

  • Website migrations and redesigns include different teams that have different responsibilities and roles.
  • Web developers develop the websites, and web designers design the websites.
  • Do not assume that your web developing team knows how to create the website while optimising for organic search.
  • Expect a decrease between 15-20 per cent in traffic when doing a major redesign or migration.
  • Plan ahead with SEO experts as early as possible.
  • Communications across departments or teams consistently to ensure any changes made on the web development side have not impacted recommendations or work done from the SEO side.
  • Review all significant SEO elements and identify at what point in the redesign/revamp process they should be addressed.
  • Some tasks may or may not be incorporated into your timeline for launch.

You need to understand everything about your website so that you will know if there is any impact after the change.

Page load time also plays a crucial role in user experience. The longer it takes to load the page, the higher the chances that your audience will close the page and browse elsewhere.

Many times we talked about the impact of user experience on SEO. It is about time that you grasped the general idea behind it and started mapping out a plan to optimise your website.

You may call on professional SEO company Sydney, and they can surely assist you with your SEO needs. You should hire a professional to reach the highest number possible.

Please let us know your thoughts about user experience and how it impacts your SEO goals. Are you working towards increasing your ranking? We want to help you achieve the numbers that you are targeting.

By Patric Laurens

Patric at Proven Digital Marketing offers smart, fast and affordable digital marketing services that drive traffic, sales and growth for our clients.

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