What Are the 10 Web Design Mistakes That Will Kill Your Seo?

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As a web designer, you should be continually seeking ways on how to improve your website. Website performance, copywriting, style, user experience, and conversion rates are your key responsibilities. You need to keep a pulse on how your website is doing and performing.

Google algorithm and web design standards are continually evolving. We have been in the SEO industry, and I have seen many web design mistakes that kill their SEO efforts.

I do not want you to make the same mistakes. I am writing this article to let you know that the following should be the things that you need to avoid.

Having a Confusing or Vague Headlines

You only have microseconds to get their attention as people visit your website. You need to use these moments strategically. Your website should contain a clear description of what you are offering.

Companies use their headlines to introduce their businesses and brands. Vague headlines can be very confusing, and it can further frustrate your visitors.

Always describe your business with a clear and concise headline. It should tell your visitors what is in it for them when they purchase, sign up, or subscribe to your services or products.

Unclear Call-to-action

A great SEO company should be able to make a clear call-to-action for you. Your customers and potential customers should know what exactly do you want them to do when they land on your website.

A large number of visitors is nothing if you are not able to convert them. A clear call to action will guide your potential leads to a sure conversion.

Your call to action should be prominent. Potential customers should not be clicking on too many links to act on it. An SEO company must make it clear and enticing.

Numerous Call-to-action in One PageDo Not Use Long Paragraphs.

A website should not have all call to actions on one page. It can frustrate your potential leads, and they will end up leaving your website. A useful website should have one dedicated call-to-action.

SEO companies can link pages to it though. An effective marketing strategy should guide the visitors to a path of call-to-action at the end.

An effective sales funnel will only work if you have one call-to-action. Get your potential lead to request a quote. Do not put a lot of stuff on top of the funnel, like subscribe button, and others.

It will increase the odds that your visitors will lose focus. They will end up wandering somewhere else.

Design your website’s pages with only one call-to-action, two or three at the most.

Do Not Use Long Paragraphs.

No one is interested in reading long paragraphs. You need to strategize content creation. Limit your paragraphs to no more than 2-3 sentences.

Limit or Eliminate the Use of Auto-playing Videos.

I do not know with you, but to me, auto-playing videos on a website are irritating.

I will immediately close that website without a second thought and look for another place to do my business. It also affects the load time of a website.

Always present the options to your visitors. Give them the freedom to decide if they want to watch the video or not.

The challenge is to make the video really compelling to make them want to play it.

Using Too Many Animations

Do not get me wrong; animations are cute and cool. It can be a significant part of your website if it adds value to your content.

Some SEO companies overdo the animations. You always need to be concerned about your customer’s experience.

Before you launch a website, look at it and ask yourself if you want what you see. Too many animations can also affect your websites loading time.

Use minimal animations. Add it if it makes sense, and it adds value to the content.

Images Are Too Big.

A powerful image is crucial to your website. Your visitors will not read all of the words. However, images toll the load time of your website.

You need to optimize or compress the high-resolution images. Loading time affects the wait time of your visitors.

Many studies had shown that too much loading time could make your potential leads just x out your website and go somewhere else.

Ensure that your website there is no web design mistakes were appropriately resize and optimize.

Usual Stock Photos

Your website should only have your own photos and not just generic photographs available on the internet—research on free resources that do not look like it were mass-produced.

Boring Content

Having too many long contents can make the developer or writer brainy. But, your visitors may not be in the same boat.

Copywriting is the soul of your website and your entire business. Your main goal is to keep your visitors scrolling and reading.

Exert effort in content writing. It is crucial to know your audience and what content interests them.

Your About Page

Your visitor may not be interested to know more about you or how your company started. They are just after the product or the service that you offer. The page is boring. You can skip the about page and convey your message entirely across your home page.

Minimal and clean is in. Information overload is out. Make your leads focus on the essential aspects of your business. Web design always adapts at a rapid phase. Every SEO company should be on top of every change.

Please drop us a comment below if you found yourself falling into the same traps mentioned above. Ask us questions to know more about the tips and tricks top of SEO digital marketing strategy and web design mistakes.

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