Important 2021 SEO Trends That You Should Know About

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Well, folks, it’s the start of 2021, and a pretty good item to discuss what’s ahead for SEO professionals this year.

The blog will shed light on some of the important SEO tactics or strategies that every SEO expert must know or have the knowledge to dominate the SERP rankings.

So without further delay, here are the top 8 SEO trends in 2021 that you should know:

1. User-Focused Optimization and BERT Algorithm

With the introduction of Google’s BERT Algorithm last year, the SEO marketers must keep in mind that content available on their promotional pages or websites must align to the user intent, rather than user’s search strings put in during a Google search.

User-focused optimization, technical delivery of content (reassessing user access points to search and aligning content accordingly) and fulfilling user-needs through quality content should be the prime motive of SEO executives.

Google is continually updating to optimize search results on the basis of user intent, rather than a focus on content/page to keyword matching.

Providing real value, building trust, and long-term relationships with customers by delivering quality products/services over the internet has been suggested as one way to deliver user-intent based content online.

Many experts believe asking customers about their search problems, purchase journey – how they search and what they thought of a site is an important measure to optimise your overall site in 2021.

For user-focused content optimisation, integrating SEO into a holistic marketing strategy has been suggested as the biggest trend that could rule 2021 by many SEO experts.

2. Creating High Quality, Optimized Content

Content will continue to be the lifeblood of SEO in 2021. To improve upon this, SEO marketers will have to write or hire content experts who write relevant, user-intent focused, valuable, and informative content.

Putting the best content in the least one subset of your web page or topic is still the best way to Google-proof your business.

70% of all search queries are still long; hence, putting informative, relevant and user-satisfying content will help to boost site authority and content demand.

SEO strategies like targeting individual keywords, chasing page views, and “spraying and praying” with content have also been termed as ineffective by many senior SEO experts for 2021.

Here are some tips to write quality content in 2021:

  • Understanding the target audience and how they search.
  • Understand the user/audience intent behind their questions or problems they need to solve.
  • Provide solutions or answers in a way (e.g. on-point, quality, and authoritative content) users want.
  • Knowledge about content cannibalization, content density and keyword stuffing. 
  • Keep consistent brand messaging across all marketing channels via content.

3. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Simply put, Google will continue to look for the overall website reputation via  E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) methodology of a given company, brand or individuals who publish content.

Building trust, reputation among target customers will be extremely important for SEO marketers who are promoting brands or products with a poor reputation, bad customer service, etc.

How can you do that? Marketers suggested focusing on quality content, publishing content from expert authors with deep knowledge of the subject to your site as some good ways to do it.

“Match that with the credentials of the author (which can be defined by structured data markup) and any fact-checking oriented schema, and we have an easier way for Google to weigh authority and trustworthiness of a piece of content, whether a news or publishing story,” Baker said.

4. Understanding Technical SEO and UX

For greater UX success, focusing on user experience – right from initial interaction with SERPs by the user, landing page visit to leaving the site has been suggested as a very important for SEO marketers in 2021.

For the best possible user experience (think personalization for returning users, drip campaigns, and remarketing), you, as an SEO marketer, should truly ponder about what value you can provide to target users during their site visit.

5. Mobile SEO

Surprised to see mobile SEO as an important 2021 trend?

Don’t be! Here’s the deal. Building sites with a mobile-first approach is important today, you as a marketer don’t have to optimize your site for speed after its launch.

Wondering why it’s important?

All your online reporting must reflect the insights about mobile performance as most of the people love finding your product or services via a mobile device.

6. Structured Data

Whatever experts say about high-quality content and its importance in 2021, the actual reality is that algorithms still don’t fully understand the context, which is written over the internet.

So, giving “hints” to search engines to understand the user intent better and deliver good results, structuring the data will be important for marketers.

Structured data refers to the technique by which you help search engines to better understand things like what is on a page, how each element relates to other elements on the page, and how that page relates to other pages within the website.

7. Brand Building and Link Building

Aligning link building with the consumer-first approach, rather than following old-world methods will also be important in 2021.

This can be achieved by three types of journalistic writing Planned editorial, Planned reactive editorial and Reactive editorial.

Link building will also be more about brand building in 2021. Hence, it will be the responsibility of SEOs to build links that drive traffic and push the brand over the internet, rather than simply putting links that help with search rankings only.

8. Focus on Online Visibility

Zero-click searches was an important reality of 2019 in the SEO world.

On-SERP SEO will continue to grow in importance in 2021; hence, adapting to zero-click searches will be key for top marketing brands.

Learning how to take advantage of this by getting more strategic about the information shown in search snippets will be equally important for smart marketers.

For increasing actual clicks over impressions, basic things like a featured snippet, image targeting, and favicon optimization, newer schemas (e.g., FAQ and How-to) will be important.

Apart from zero-click searches, optimizing for blue links and localization in results will be more important in 2021 for many marketers.

9.  SEO & Automation Programming

Having knowledge of important web programming languages like Python and R is vital to avoid time-consuming and redundant tasks in 2021 for SEO marketers.

Automation in SEO is also a great idea in 2021 for online marketers to improve the quality of online marketing tasks like branding, improving customer experiences, storytelling, understanding the target market, delivering quality content, etc. 

Now that you know what all SEO things are going to be in trend in the New Year, it’s time to re-analyse your SEO strategies to include these new trends for better search engine results. Good luck doing SEO in 2021!

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