How Much Does Local SEO Cost in Sydney?

Local SEO prices in Sydney can go as low as $70 to as high as $5500 a month, according to the requirements and type of your business. A study by Moz, a software company, concluded that most of the local SEO companies charge between $1200 and $5500 per month. That is a very wide range and can be very confusing to set a price of local SEO for your business. You get what you paid for in most of the cases, but some local SEO companies who claim to provide cheaper services (that of $70) may use black-hat services which can get you banned from Google searches permanently. This will cost you a lot more in the long run.

The companies providing genuine local SEO services in Sydney charge differently due to different factors like some charge according to the type of services opted by the customer, some charge according to the quantity, experienced companies charge more than new companies, etc.

Although you may still be wondering about the pricing of local SEO services. This article will help you understand the pricing of various local SEO services and will help you decide accordingly.

Local SEO Sydney Pricing based on different stages of Optimization

Local SEO through New Website ($450-$11,000)

The creation of a new website is a one-time thing and is not necessarily a kind of local SEO service per-say but is the first step towards the improvement of business online. The reason the cost range is so wide is that the cost varies according to the website plan opted by you. It will cost less if you go for a regular website that is already in use by thousands online and it will cost a little more if you want a high-end, attractive and advanced-design website.

Most of the users go for a package in between the high and low-end websites as it provides a benefit of an average website with good designs and pages.

Local SEO through On-site SEO ($90-$5,500)

Just like website creation, on-site local SEO services are also a one-time thing. This local SEO service includes the optimization of the website through the improvement of the website’s content and speed, simplifying codes, fixing dead links, etc.

These may not seem important but are very helpful in bringing your website in the top results of Search Engines. It may cost less if you undergo small services like editing the title-tags, fill your meta descriptions, etc.. But if you aim higher like changes in content, optimization of content, improvement in the structure of the website, etc. then this may cost a little more but will increase the chances of inclusions in the top search results.

Local SEO through Citations and Backlinks ($90-$2,600 a month)

“Backlinks” are the links with which another website is attached to the host website and these affect the local SEO a lot. Search engines trust a website with more backlinks. Local Citations (a type of backlink) are the listings of your business details on different directories. More and more directories should have your business details listed.

Low price local citations may get your business listed in dozens of directories, but won’t benefit you like that of a high price. High price includes services like blogging on other websites, writing high-quality content and much more, and will be very beneficial for your business.

Local SEO through Blogs ($40-$2,400 a month)

Every business website has a very attractive blog these days. The blog indicates the search engine that your website is active and working. It contains the details of the business and gives an idea to the users and the Search engines about it.

It costs less if you hire a beginner to write or update your blog as he does not have that kind of experience and mostly copy the ideas from other websites but the professionals may charge high but will provide a unique, attractive and informative blog, helping your website to be in results more often.

Local SEO through Review Management ($20-$300 a month)

Reviews are the most important factor affecting SEO most. Positive reviews help in bringing the website in the top results of any search engine. The users looking for anything online will surely be reading the reviews.

Low priced local SEOs may use regular programs to get positive reviews by asking the users to go to a specific link to give the review. This may also get negative reviews on your page. High priced local SEO introduces various ideas to get more positive reviews. These may involve methods like e-mail marketing, social media marketing amongst others. This kind of management gets more positive reviews on your website.

Local SEO through Social Media Management ($150-$1,100)

Through social media, you can connect the potential customers directly. Social media management can bring a positive impact to your business.

Low-end local SEO may use fewer methods for optimization like the creation of social profiles, writing regular contents, etc. this will not get you “regular visitors” to your website and will affect the ranking in results, but the high-end services will get you more users by providing the benefits of unique content, tailored to your brand and advertising.

Google My Business

Google My Business profile has become the most important thing in local SEO services Sydney. Both Google Maps and Google My Business profiles are necessary for the business so that the customer can get the information regarding the location and type of your business. You should get both profiles created for better assistance to the visitors.


You should opt for the type of local SEO services that can be the most beneficial for your business. A good local SEO agency Sydney will be able to tell you the price of local SEO based on the specific requirements/goals of your business. Or, you can always contact us at Proven Digital Marketing or call us at 1300 160 807 / 02 9061 7142.

Proven Digital is a leading digital marketing agency in Sydney which provide various SEO services in Sydney to the local as well as international clients at a fair price. Our team works at gaining the trust of our customers by providing quality services on time as per the needs.

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