Quick and Effective SEO Guide For Your Commercial Cleaning Website

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Do you know that 8 out of 10 consumers prefer the internet if they need to search or buy something or hire a service?

This is why all businesses want to be friends with Google. Everyone wants to be on the first top page.  

In the cleaning industry, when someone types in Commercial Cleaning in whatever area, you want your website showing first.

Most of the customers looking online will potentially click the ones showing on the top. My friend, this is where SEO comes in. 

I do not want you to be intimidated and think that SEO is too technical for you. Search Engine Optimization is something that you can do in-house.

You can quickly become a specialist as long as you know the right learning material. SEO is simple, and you can be an expert in no time. 

If your potential customers are out there searching in Google, they are highly likely to hire someone.

This article intends to help you understand the concepts of SEO and have these potential customers find you. 

Two Types of SEO 

  • On-Site SEO – This is the process in which you are about to change or optimize the contents and the HTML source code of your website. You are doing the optimization internally to attract traffic and get a higher rank in the search engines.
  • Off-Site SEO – In contrast with on-site SEO, off-site SEO targets external factors that affect your overall ranking in the search engine. This is the process where other reputable sites link and promote your website. By doing so, they are adding value and credibility to your website.

The Most Effective 3-Bits Game Plan of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a great marketing strategy for your cleaning business. You may be overwhelmed with its technical concepts, but we are going to simplify it for you.

We will deliver the idea of SEO to you to increase yourself through the ranks of Google results. 

Easy Website Improvements with High Returns 

You need to start with the right choice of keywords because the logic of SEO starts from there. Once you optimize your webpage with the right set of keywords, you will definitely rank higher in any search result. 

Also, when you focus on potent keywords, you are increasing the rate of getting highly qualified leads as compared to people who are just randomly browsing. 

Define a domain name that is easy to use and makes sense to your business. If you are in Wetherill Park and your company name is Company Z, you may want to use a domain name companyzwetherillpark.com.au and not just companyz.com.au. It is good to include your location in your domain name because it will connect your business to the area that you are servicing. 

If you would like to target a broader area, then you should eliminate your location in the domain. Adding the location will limit you to that specific place only. Potential customers who may type in a different location will not be able to see you. 

Putting your location or not in the domain name is something that you need to think about because it will affect the flow of your traffic. You need to decide if you will just focus on a specific area or if you are willing to go into a broader horizon and be visible to almost everyone.

It is essential for you to consider what your audience is typing in when searching for a commercial in your area.

You may use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to gauge the average volume of monthly searches of words and phrases. 

When you search for a keyword in the Google Research Tool, you can click on “more like this” to see if you are missing something or if you feel like the word order is essential. 

Pick a single phrase or keyword to focus on. You will need to use that same keyword throughout your webpage for you to target a market and climb your way to the top of the search result. 

Importance of Descriptions and Titles in Your Page

A page title is the one that shows up when you browse a page. Most of the time, it shows the default homepage’s name. Do not settle with the default.

The page name also shows up in the Google search results. Your potential customers will always see mixed results in searches. 

Plus, the page title is the first thing that your leads look at and read through. This page will dictate if your potential lead will stay to read your page or will they just hop to your competitor’s website. You need to use your page title to sell yourself. 

Your page title tells: 

  • What kind of company are you?
  • Where are you located?
  • What services do you provide?

Your company’s webpage should stand out from the sea of your competitors. 

Description of your page

Apart from the page title, the description of the page also appears in Google results. This is located below the URL and the page title.

This is also the second line of information that people will read and will dictate if your lead will leave your site or will stay to keep on reading. This part communicates more details to your audience. 

You do not have to be a professional to fix codes like this. You can edit your page titles and description through WordPress or Yoast SEO Plug-In.

These applications will make the editing simpler if you are managing your webpage with it. 

When you type in the title and description in the Yoast app, it will show you how it will look when displayed in Google.

It will give you suggestions on how you can make SEO useful to all pages of your webpages. 

Applying SEO to Each Page of Your Cleaning Website

Every page of your website matters because it affects the visibility and presence of your website. SEO matters for each page of your website. 

Local Information – Include information about your local area. What are the parks, malls, and unique landmarks surrounding your office? You may include this piece of information in the” About Us” page or your employee’s bio pages. 

Mention your keywords – Include your primary keyword on every page of your website. It is suggested that you provide a section where you will list every service that you offer. In that case, if someone searches for Window Cleaning in Wetherill Park, you will still come up in the search result.

NAP on every page – NAP means name, address, and phone number. Have this displayed at the bottom part of each of your pages.

Improved Google Ranking by Networking with Other Sites

After your website enhancements and clean-ups, Melbourne SEO agency suggests that you link your website to other sites. By doing so, you are building credibility for your company. You should consider the usefulness of the website that you are linking with. 

Do not practice Link Stuffing. This is how someone tries to game the system and stuffs links into every word of the page. Google will see your intentions, and you can be punished for doing so. 

Examples of Link Building that are applicable to your cleaning business 

Link the story if you are featured in the local news 

Create a page with cleaning suggestions and tips. You may link the video tutorials showing how it is being done. You can also add shopping links where your audience can buy the cleaning tools and chemicals you are using.

Create a page for people who are new in the area. It will work as a directory for those who know nothing about your area. This is also the best way to network with other businesses operating around your place. 

Media like TV and newspapers are a great way to get outside links. Get their attention and make them want to talk to you so that if something big is happening, they will have you first on the list. 

All stories with news outlet twins with online articles. Talk to the person in charge and ask them how you will get your website linked to their story. Even if no one clicks it, you are at least related to the biggest, influential, local channel.

Google’s crawlers will notice this and will surely give you the bump that you long for. People will definitely recognize your company, and it will also give you an additional blanket of credibility and authority. When these are all set, you can automatically sell your company to everyone. 

You can also send out newsletters periodically to your potential clients and invite them to visit your website to check out new tips and videos. 

Increase your Digital Presence 

There are multiple avenues for your business to be online to ensure your success in e-commerce.

Firstly, you start with Facebook. You must have a Facebook page. It is one of the most accessible social media platforms where advertising can be done quickly and effectively to gain new customers.

Your potential clients look at the feedback on your page too. Facebook also encourages your market to leave feedback which will be very helpful.

Reviews convince people to choose you over your competition. Google plays an essential role in factoring the quality and number of reviews in your cleaning business’ page rank. 

Google My Business 

Business Directories are like digital telephone listings. You will want to have your business showing in Google and at least one of the websites listed below: 

  • Google
  • Bing 
  • Infogroup
  • Factual 

Keep your name, address, and phone number updated, including your hours of operation. It is your duty to give out your correct details for your potential and existing customers.

You will increase your visibility when you follow these three easy steps strategy for SEO. Your highly qualified leads will see you first.

Feel free to follow this advice and invest time for you to learn more about how SEO helps in marketing.

Assess the facts that you read and decide right away and be out of the fifth page in Google. Climb your way up to the top by learning from us. You already know the knowledge behind SEO.

Now, the future of how high you will rank depends on how well you will apply this knowledge to action.

Feel free to write your comment down below and share your best SEO experience with us.

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