9 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Running An SEO Campaign

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Know About the Biggest Mistakes in SEO Campaign

Online marketing offers a ton of flexibility. You can choose any number of different strategies allowing them to interact in diverse and varied ways.

Thanks to almost instantly updated metrics shown by other apps available on the website. Whenever you have realized that a tactic is not working, you can switch it out for something better.

Yet, most marketers, including myself, on occasions, still make critical and fundamental biggest seo mistakes that prevent campaigns from being as effective as they can be.

We will talk about the nine biggest seo mistakes that some of the most SEO marketers commit.

Not Starting with a Brand

Your brand provides a skeletal framework for your company and the lynchpin to your overall online marketing strategy.

Without a reliable brand, you have no identity standards to gather your marketing and advertising directions. Among other things, your brand will determine who your target audiences are and how you rely on them.

Your brand will tell how you will differentiate yourself among your competitors and what feelings you need to evoke for you to communicate effectively to your customers.

Failing to Have an Anchor Point

Every online marketing strategy needs to tie back to some solid anchor point. For most businesses, this is the website where visitors will be able to make purchases, fill out a contact form, or otherwise convert into leads and customers.

You may also have a landing page or use a social media service like Instagram as an anchor point. Whatever it is, where your traffic will be funnelled and where your traffic will become meaningful revenue.

Not Setting Specific Goals

What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to earn more revenue? Yes. How are you going about that? Are you trying to improve your conversion rate or just increasing your brand visibility and reputation?

How fast you are trying to do this, and how are you going to determine that you have succeeded? The only way to answer these questions is by setting specific, achievable goals that your marketing team can follow.

Without those goals in place, you will be flying blind, and you will not be able to achieve anything formally.

Investing Too Little

Some online marketing strategies are cheap and some that are virtually free, but do not let that fool you. You need to invest in your strategy if you want them to pay off.

If you are not investing money, you need to invest more time. Without that investment, they are not really going to yield results.

Neglecting Audiences’ Needs

Your audience should be the main focus of your campaign. From the content you write to how you spin the copy around your products – it should revolve around your audience’s wants and needs.

If you do not know them well enough, you need to do more market research.

Forgetting the Competition

You are not the only business in your industry, relying on online marketing for support. Chances are, you have multiple competitors challenging you for your dominance and your space.

If you neglect them, they will walk all over you. Do your research and stay away aware of their change in tactics.

You will always want to stay ahead of them or at least on their level. You will always want to remain different from them so you will stand out in the white noise.

Choosing the Wrong Channels

You have a number of opportunities to choose from whether you’re placing banners, advertisements, or supporting your onsite content through syndication, promotion, link building, and PPC Advertising.

Some marketers end up picking based on their preconceived notions and sign up for as many as possible because they believe more is better.

Do not fall for these traps. Do your research in advance and know where your target audience is. Choose only those channels that are most appropriate for your audience and effective for your brand.

Anything else will probably be a waste of time and money.

Not Measuring Your Results

The only way to know for sure if you are successful is to measure your results. Without the numbers in front of you, how can you possibly see the return of your investment? Make sure you have tracking systems in place early on and take snapshots regularly to monitor your progress.

This is a way of checking up the health of your campaign, and you need to know when something is going right or wrong. This will make you reinforce your actions accordingly.

Remaining Inflexible

Things change in the online marketing world. They change fast. Technology comes and goes.

Outside of Google, it is hard to predict how exactly your customers will behave given a few months in the future.

You need to be prepared to adapt your strategy to compensate for these changes. Not to mention responding to new competitors and new opportunities.

Now, reading about these 9 biggest seo mistakes, it may seem obvious, but you will be amazed at how many experienced digital marketers I see every month falling for the same pitfalls.

They are dangerous to your performance of the online marketing strategies. To make things worse, it can be easy to miss what you are looking out for.

Keep at the back of your mind and comb over your campaign to make sure you are not using them as well. That is it for today’s episode.

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