10 Best Ways to Market Your Business During COVID-19

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The whole world is suffering from the recent outbreak of coronavirus. The economy of every country has taken a hit because of the pandemic. Businesses of almost every kind are going through a bad time. The demands are low, due to which the sales have gone even lower creating numerous financial problems for the businessmen. The cities have become ghost-towns. Unless necessary, the people are already scared to come out on the streets and the lockdown has degraded the conditions for businesses even further.

The situation seems to be getting out of hands, but there is always hope. As it is always said that things are supposed to be a lot worse before it gets even better. Be positive, the situation will improve no matter what. The economies will start recovering. The markets will be open soon. It’s just a matter of time before everything comes back to normal. The pandemic is just a small glitch for your business. Everything will be normal soon, but you need to be ready and ahead of your competitors in the race to regain the market. The second half of this financial year is going to be important, so the businessmen have to keep pushing forward through this tough time.

History has also shown us that many businesses have recovered in the recession period using new, innovative and smart ways for business. Many studies have concluded that the businesses, investing in promising methods rather than cutting the expenditure, dropping short term profits for long term gains, have been able to survive the worst conditions. The growth rates of the companies focused on reducing the cost face huge problems when the economy recovers.

The business owners should be looking for promising ways to increase sales during this period where the budgets of the customers are shifting. The business can be improved by introducing some easy steps that can work positively for these suffering businessmen. All these methods and ideas that can improve the deteriorating conditions of the business are being detailed in this article that will be very helpful for the business during this pandemic.

10 Best Digital Marketing Techniques to Follow During COVID-19

1. Connect with the Potential Customers Through Social Media

The whole population is scared whether they have tested positive or not. The population is under lockdown and everybody is trying to be safe by taking more than enough precautions against the virus. People are not allowed to visit anywhere unless necessary. All the restaurants, public halls, movie theatres, amusement parks and every other source of entertainment is closed.

Studies have shown that the number of active users on all social media platforms has increased during this period of social distancing. This increase can be used by businessmen to improve the business. The businessmen should try to connect to more and more people through social media platforms. This is the time where creating a social media page or account can be very helpful for them. The number of viewers can be increased easily as more people are actively using social media platforms.

This is the best opportunity for your brand to stand out. The businesses can also hire a local social media agency with which you can inform the users about your brand, the products, and services being provided by your company. This will be very helpful during the outbreak and after the situation improves when the customers will be looking for such products. So, you should create social media pages for your business as soon as possible.

2. Create an Online Presence of your Business

As stated earlier, the number of online users has increased many fold during this outbreak. The search traffic is more than ever and is increasing by the minute. Everybody is attached to their mobile or laptop screens looking for updates about the outbreak but the updates are over in a very little time, so people then switch to sources for entertainment and for a lot of people that means shopping.

This is one of the best ways to Market Your Business During COVID-19 as the shopaholics are visiting more and more shopping websites. They are looking for products now, more than ever. So, it is necessary that your brand is visible online. This is the perfect time for business owners to create their presence online. You should be getting your website created with the help of a professional web development agency. You should increase the traffic on your website through various methods like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to be in the top results of google search as it will help in increasing the traffic for your business that will, in turn, increase the sale of your products.

3. Employing Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the Best Decision

As the number of users online has increased, it is the best move to employ Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising techniques for your business to connect with the customers. The price of PPC advertising has also decreased by 6% because of the outbreak, so the funds of the business owners will also be saved. PPC can be used to earn some amounts during this pandemic.

PPC advertising will make your website visible to more and more users. So, it is advised that you should opt for PPC advertising services to improve the traffic on your website and to earn online. You can go for a flat rate PPC or Bid system PPC according to your needs, but it is sure that PPC of any kind will be beneficial for your business.

4. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Your competitors will also try to improve their business. You should keep an eye on their moves. Your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) can be affected by the policies and methods employed by your competitors. You should be employing the digital marketing services in such a way that your product is on the first and top rankings on the SERPs.

The keywords searched by the users determine whether your page will be visible to them or not, so you direct the content writing service provider to survey such keywords to be ahead of your competitors. You should never pause your SEO campaign as it is not a one-time thing; SEO requires constant improvements according to the changes in the online world. Any halt can lead to a huge loss for your business. This is the perfect time to monitor your competitors’ steps beforehand so that you can act accordingly.

5. Prepare for Recovery

The effects of coronavirus will reduce over time, so your business should be prepared for the period of recovery. The market conditions and demands of the customers will stabilize so you should be ready for that. The businessmen may think that they should not spend their funds on SEO services, but this is the perfect time to utilize the benefits provided by SEO.

SEO is a long term investment, the time and efforts invested today, will bring tremendous results in the future. The investment made in SEO during this period of pandemic will not only help you during the outbreak but will be more beneficial after the situation improves. The professionals suggest that employing the best search engine optimisation services now will bring positive growth in the business later.

6. Provide Discounts to Attract More Customers

The customers are determined to spend their funds only on beneficial activities. You can provide discounts to the customers so that they become more interested in your products. The discounts will also help in bringing regular revenue for your business. The regular flow of revenue will soften the blow made by the outbreak of the virus.

The number of online users has increased and if you are providing discounts on your products then it can surely bring revenue to your business. You can announce such discounts through your social media pages and PPC advertising.

7. Local SEO now Important than ever

Employing Local SEO Services is one of the best ways to Market Your Business during COVID-19 & it can benefit your business a lot. As people are stuck at home so they are looking for products and service-providers near their homes. Local SEO will improve your presence locally that can bring more local customers to your business. Moreover, if the customers come across the desired products and services nearby, they will prefer your products and services even after the pandemic is over as yours will be closer to their home.

The customers may or may not know about your business even if it is close to their homes, but through Local SEO, you can get in touch with them easily and quickly which will bring regular revenue during the pandemic and will also help during recovery.

8. Be Flexible and Inform Your Customers

The environment is flexible and so should be your business. The business should work according to the changes in the environment. You should find and adopt all the possible ways to inform the customers about your products. It will create empathy in the hearts of the customers who are staying home.

You can offer free delivery services to the customers suffering from the pandemic. Business like gyms and coaching institutes are closed, but they can easily provide health and educational lessons to their customers as well as other potential customers to increase the sale during and after the pandemic. These can be introduced by the businesses through websites, PPC and Social Media platforms.

9. Try to Calm Down the Threatened Customers

You should try to calm down the customers already scared of the pandemic. You should make wise and informed decisions rather than going for the first idea that comes in your mind. Employ such services that can provide peace of mind to the customers rather than using it for generating more profits for your business.

Terrorising the public may generate short term benefits for your business but will not work for a longer period of time. You should inform people about how to be safe from getting infected. All these steps will create a positive image for your business in the eyes of the customers that will be beneficial for your business in the long run. These can be introduced to the public through Social Media accounts and brand websites.

10. Complete All the Pending Digital Tasks

The chores related to day to day business such as meetings, travelling and all other business-related work is not required to be completed because of the lockdown and social distancing, so you should utilize this time to complete the digital tasks.

Redesign your website, employ better SEO, and other digital marketing services. These tasks can be completed now as you have no other regular business chores to attend to. You can also conduct an SEO audit for the betterment of your business.


The outbreak of coronavirus has affected businesses of all kinds but you can overcome the impacts easily by using the points detailed above. These methods will be very beneficial for your business not only during but also after the pandemic is over. These will prove to be profitable for your business for a long period of time.

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