Social Media Best Practices in Australia for 2021

Social Media plays a crucial role in marketing. Many businesses face different challenges during the pandemic, but Digital Marketing was able to stay afloat. Businesses are now starting to use Social Media platforms and Social Media Best Practices whether existing or upcoming, to reach their audiences.

These social media platforms make it possible for you to achieve your goal and target for your business. In this platform, you will unravel useful information that will help you build a more effective, … Read More

Social Media Marketing Cost 2021 – How Much Does Social Media Pricing in Australia?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the process of marketing a particular business, product and/or service on social media platforms with the aim to build brand reputation and increase the online visibility, sales and leads to that business. It involves identifying and connecting with the target audience for brand promotion.

Social media marketing can help your Melbourne-based business in many ways. For one, social networking sites host millions of daily active users, so it can be the best place to … Read More

What Are the 10 Web Design Mistakes That Will Kill Your Seo?

As a web designer, you should be continually seeking ways on how to improve your website. Website performance, copywriting, style, user experience, and conversion rates are your key responsibilities. You need to keep a pulse on how your website is doing and performing.

Google algorithm and web design standards are continually evolving. We have been in the SEO industry, and I have seen many web design mistakes that kill their SEO efforts.

I do not want you to make the … Read More

What is Online Market Research and Why is it Important for Marketing?

An essential part of market research is studying your competitors. If a person wants to get into a business, it is only right for them to know who they are competing against, how much they cost, and a lot more.

This article will help define the value of online market research for the very purpose of effective marketing. With the help of Google Ad account, you can see how much competition there is for your selection of keywords.

Introduction to… Read More

What is Remarketing’s Place in Proven PPC Strategy?

PPC remarketing strategy means serving ads to people who visited your website before or had taken a specific action. Remarketing enables you to showcase your ads to visitors who know your business and have visited your website. 

Remarketing helps you reconnect with visitors who left your website without buying your product or at least signing up for an appointment. Remarketing process shows relevant ads as your potential customers browse your website, use their mobile apps, or if they search in … Read More

Featured Snippet Optimisation – Everything You Need To Know in 2021

Have you ever wonder how to be featured on top of Google? This article will talk about how you will be featured explicitly in the search snippet that Google has on top of most results.

We hope that you will find this article useful, especially to those who are just starting up in SEO and would like to know the basic knowledge behind it.

We will share you some tips and guides on how Google looks at your keywords and … Read More

5 Professional Steps to Know Your Marketing Competition

Digital Marketing Strategy had made a significant impact on how businesses do their own advertising. In the early years, it is almost impossible to know your competition market strategy.

Usually, this information will come from an insider. Now is an entirely different story. Businesses can use various tools to learn everything that they need to know about their competition.

This information is no longer considered as classified. It is no longer challenging to get these pieces of information. It will … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Digital Marketing in 2021

Do You want to know the 7 reasons why you must invest in digital marketing in 2021? Well, let us first understand the concept of marketing in promoting businesses.

Marketing existed long before time. It evolved and is continually changing, following the trend of society. Businesses invest in different forms of marketing because they know that they need to keep growing. During the pandemic, a lot of companies struggle to stay afloat. The question is, is this the best time … Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Many of you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing – hence you may have heard about Social Media many times over. Social media incorporates the methods and online technology to which people can share your content, personal opinions, compare different perspectives and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media. There are many other social media website content available, depending on your goal and target market.

Text – It is used to write blog … Read More

New SEO Stats To Inspire Your Digital Strategy in 2021

Even with over 9 algorithms changes a day, It’s safe to say that it is no longer easy to manipulate or game Google. But we can assure you that SEO is still very much alive and it is probably working better than before, and we have the statistics to prove it.

Our SEO experts at Proven Digital Marketing have spent a couple of hours and found some really amazing and valuable facts about SEO, and now providing here, because we … Read More